Tuesday, December 29, 2009

However, her pants ARE bursting with Christmas glee...

I see London. I see France. I see JCK's underpants. Indeed? No, JCK has not reverted to her Kindergarten days...yet. However, her pants ARE bursting with Christmas glee... Yes, JCK is sporting the latest in post-Christmas HOT Frontal Fashion....Le laissez-faire du top Bouton. For those of you not in the know of slaughtered Francais, JCK has loosened her top buttons. Of her pants. Out of necessity. The Motherscribe household has gone from gettin' jingly with it...to...let's get jiggly with it. Alas, the cookies and fudge were too damn good.

When not surviving on SUGAR, JCK has been a virtual whirlwind. Spinning like a top through BOY & GIRL's room, sorting, discarding, giving away, organizing... JCK is not sure where the motivation is coming from, but she is going with it.

JCK also did some good old fashioned crying. Because how could BOY & GIRL have once been as tiny as these little clothes at the back of the closet reveal. Oh....where has the time gone? Sometimes JCK is overwhelmed by the sadness of what is no...more.

Yet, the fun of a 5 and a 6 year old is delicious, too. BOY showing GIRL how to make snowflakes with paper and scissors. GIRL showing BOY how to fold napkins. BOY pulling a book out of the bookshelf and realizing that he can read it. And reading it to GIRL... GIRL spending over 2 hours on Christmas day making her own storybook. The beauty of seeing them covered in dirt and grass stains, so young and free and happy.

It's been a good Christmas season, and JCK is looking forward to the New Year. 2010 feels like a great number. She wants to spend more time writing here. And elsewhere.

Photo of "Zip Holder" courtesy of Coolthings.com

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  1. Can you come out and sort/organize/discard stuff from my kids' rooms, too?

    A Very Merry Fifth Day of Christmas to you, my dear!

  2. Life sounds full and happy. Your children are growing; they're healthy, and smart. The tight pants are just a reminder of all the joyful times you've had this season.

    Carry on! Happy 2010!

  3. i'm too taken by the "zipholder" and thinking of pants that I've gotten rid of because I couldn't get the zipper to hold... what a brilliant invention!

    wait... were you you saying something?

  4. I fear that the elastic waist is in my future.
    I know what you mean about sorting their clothes. I've saved a bunch - stuff my mother made for example - and look at them occasionally a bit misty-eyed. But I, too, enjoy my 4 and almost 6-year-old far more than the screaming nurse-around-the-clock baby the Queen was.

  5. Boy can I relate to this post! I've gained about 10 lbs this month, and I was completely depressed until I realized that I also switched birth control pills and one common side effect is weight gain. I'm going to blame that, and not the Christmas cookies, okay? Just work with me.
    I am also having a strong urge to organize and get rid of things.
    Can you show us some pictures of GIRL's book? I would love to see that.

  6. Whatever has gotten into you with the "sorting, discarding, giving away, organizing," can you please send me the recipe when you figure it out? I need a dose of this magic juice BAD!

  7. *giggle*
    I can relate to some parts of this post...

    Here's Wishing you and your wonderful family an Awesome, Laughable and Healthy 2010!!!

  8. i love the new year. tomorrow i'm diving into the boys room to start cleaning and tossing. it's scary in there.

    and yeah, i packed on an extra FIVE POUNDS since thanksgiving. like i needed that.


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