Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Imagine there are 2 weight lifters in your body

In efforts to live more healthfully in their food choices, JCK and her family have begun to look at what they are eating and how they can improve their daily eating habits. Like any family, budgetary concerns play a role. Yet, every week, the Motherscribe household forks out large sums of money to purchase food that isn't processed or full of preservatives. Let JCK tell ain't cheap.

Lately, they've begun to look at grams of sugar. BOY has taken this on as his personal mission. He can tell JCK how many grams of sugar are in yogurt, cereal, crackers, granola bars, etc. GIRL likes to explain it this way:

GIRL: BOY, imagine there are two weight lifters in your tummy. On one side is a weight lifter holding up good food. On the other side is a weight lifter holding junk food. The one with the healthy food needs to get stronger & stronger, because the one with the junk food is too strong.

Yes, BOY needs to eat more vegetables...

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Friday, April 22, 2011

but she isn't THAT GIRL, she's THAT WOMAN

JCK dreamed of being THAT GIRL, that one. That Girl who was so happy she swirled around and threw her hat into the big wide open sky, her whole life ahead of her. The girl with the exciting the city, her own apartment, an actress, a boyfriend who came in and out, and hair that curled up at the ends in a perfect swoop.

JCK never had that swoop. She wasn't THAT GIRL. Her hair was straight as a stick. And, there were no hair products.

Except Aqua Net hairspray for the big hair dreamers...

Now that JCK's hair is silver, and has a wave to it, some texture, she has that swoop. The hair products are divine, but she isn't THAT GIRL, she's THAT WOMAN. Somehow...not the same.

And, the swoop? Kind of gets on her nerves...

JCK doesn't have a boyfriend, unless you want to count Sawyer

and well...that's just private. Nor does she have an apartment of her own. In fact, JCK doesn't have much of her own. Except this delicious red lap top...

whose fan is whipped. Kind of like JCK, whose own fan is whipped. Must have been that complete kitchen reorganization WHOOPASS she did over spring break... whooped her ass.

JCK's life is full. Just look at that WOW curl in her hair. She's got a wonderful man in her life, and two children whom she adores. Yet, JCK is feeling a bit itchy. She needs a little shake-up in her day to day. Perhaps she'll buy a wig. Take up belly dancing. Anything...within reason. Because she recognizes the woman who jumps on the back of a motorcycle, and doesn't look back. She, like all women, has that in her. But, her flat ass would never survive the bumps. And, she likes her cozy, steady life. She just needs a little something of her own. So, she can toss her hat and see where it lands...

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Their hands are still small, and reach for hers

The signs are there when she sees them. Her children choosing to read books on a long car ride, instead of constant chatter. The muscles in her daughter's small calves, her long legs strong enough to do a 1 1/2 mile hike. Her son opening a door for her, an experiment in manly manners that she hopes will stick.

The car seats will find new homes; friends with younger children. The sandbox is moving out. The beat-up play structure is next. Plans for an active outdoor space - a trampoline, a large punching bag, over sized pillows to jump on.

Her daughter can read aloud now, intent on each word, frustration flaring if she doesn't grasp it at once. She tries to encourage her to take it in smaller syllables, sounding them out. Hard for her girl who likes to achieve...quickly.

Her son comes up to her chest, more than half her height. He's not tall, but neither is she. He shies away from hard work, which scares her a bit. Visions of adolescence, a handful of years ahead, and her failings, if he doesn't get the value in hard work.

Winter clothes divided between those that will not see another season, and those that will. Donations, throw-aways, one treasured shirt saved. Spring clothes taken out of storage bins, the bright colors welcoming in their newness.

Her son, the little rooster, sleeps in later now. Yet, still up with the sun. His sister with the gift of deep sleep. She, not waking when he chats himself to sleep, nor when he wakes up with the gift of gab in the light of a new day.

In her quest and burning desire to have a family, she did not understand that having children is a young person's game. The wisdom of age stretches...yet, the energy of youth cannot be overstated. She hopes her children will not remember her as tired, because often she is...

Their hands are still small, and reach for hers. Her lap still big enough, if their heads are tucked into the side of her neck. Bedtime not complete without being tucked-in, a lullaby song...trailing off. Their soft cheeks forever emblazoned on her lips...

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A little water, pistachios, and a couple of roly poly bugs

I'm sitting inside on a gorgeous spring day listening to my children. Their voices rising and falling outside my office window. Finally...their giggles draw me up from my desk, and away from my piles of work left undone.

They have finished their picnic lunch, and have created a game with a little dirt, a small toy sauce pan full of water, and a couple of roly poly bugs...named Ella and Joseph.

Placing them in pistachio shell boats, Ella and Joseph are making their way across a jouncing, sloshy sea. Then they are placed in a muddy bucket. Later they board a train. GIRL announcing the destinations with a megaphone made from marble maze tubes. Ella and Joseph may not make it to the day's end.

These are the joys. A little water, pistachios, and a couple of roly poly bugs. Life is good for two children 10 months apart....

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Camping 101 Facts for Overly Enthusiastic Parents

When last seen, JCK was headed to the desert for her first family camping trip. She is proud to say that she is still walking, albeit with a slight hitch in her step. She likes to think of it as the Cowgirl Whoopie Step. Since it might appear to be a bit bow legged ...and all get out. Not to be confused with GET OUT OF MY's been 48 hours! A funny thing about camping. You have to sleep on the ground. JCK wishes to point out that this, although seemingly a minor detail... is not.

JCK learned quite a bit this go around, and would like to share her.... Camping 101 Facts for Overly Enthusiastic Parents:
When your son, the little Rooster, wakes at 5am, after you've had...perhaps 4 hours sleep, it's best to just get the hell up and not debate with a 7 year old on the merits of sleep. You won't win. When watching the sun rise over the desert, nothing tastes better than hot tea in a tin cup.

If you are prone to peeing in the middle of the night, don't get all prissy at the very idea! of having a pee bottle. You'll wish you had one at 3am. Otherwise... toilet paper? How about squat and shake your booty.

Unplugging is good for the soul...

There is nothing better than seeing your children all smudged with happy dirt.

Legos go anywhere.

Arguing over who moved your stuff means there are too many Virgos in one tent.

Extra rope is always handy. For keeping tents from blowing away or tying up a sassy spouse.

Shoes that slip on and off are key.

A 1 1/2 hike to a desert oasis is worth every step.

There is something exquisite about flowers in the desert.

You can't get enough.

Beetles can be fun.

Camping with friends who are experienced campers is the only way to do it.

The best meal ever is hot dogs, beans and corn.

And...the last Camping 101 Factoid for Overly Enthusiastic Parents?

When people tell you that it can get windy in the desert, don't smile politely and think they are exaggerating.

Devil winds blowing from two directions at once, for many hours during the night, with fears of the tent flying to Oz, will negate every sip of whiskey.

Dirt, tents, hot dogs, friends, s'mores...what's not to love.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

survived on cactus juice and their daughters' crayons

JCK is wondering if there is something ominous about leaving on her first family camping trip on April Fools Day. She is a bit superstitious. Unfortunately, there is nothing that JCK can do about it, as she doesn't think 25 families would appreciate her reservations on the plunge into...desert camping at this point in time...just hours before the drive.

JCK remembers a short story she read in High School about a family who got lost in Death Valley. They survived on cactus juice and their daughters' crayons. JCK loves the smell of crayons, but she doesn't think she would like to eat them. Luckily she has packed all kinds of goodies for the 2 day excursion. She is not sure if all of the supplies will now fit into her vehicle. Or that it will pass inspection with the man who packs all Motherscribe Household vehicles.

JCK is off to buy those last minute items...She hopes that if you see a red Minivan wobbling across the desert, you will think kind thoughts. Is it JCK's imagination, or is the cactus giving her The Finger?

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