Friday, April 1, 2011

survived on cactus juice and their daughters' crayons

JCK is wondering if there is something ominous about leaving on her first family camping trip on April Fools Day. She is a bit superstitious. Unfortunately, there is nothing that JCK can do about it, as she doesn't think 25 families would appreciate her reservations on the plunge into...desert camping at this point in time...just hours before the drive.

JCK remembers a short story she read in High School about a family who got lost in Death Valley. They survived on cactus juice and their daughters' crayons. JCK loves the smell of crayons, but she doesn't think she would like to eat them. Luckily she has packed all kinds of goodies for the 2 day excursion. She is not sure if all of the supplies will now fit into her vehicle. Or that it will pass inspection with the man who packs all Motherscribe Household vehicles.

JCK is off to buy those last minute items...She hopes that if you see a red Minivan wobbling across the desert, you will think kind thoughts. Is it JCK's imagination, or is the cactus giving her The Finger?

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