Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A little water, pistachios, and a couple of roly poly bugs

I'm sitting inside on a gorgeous spring day listening to my children. Their voices rising and falling outside my office window. Finally...their giggles draw me up from my desk, and away from my piles of work left undone.

They have finished their picnic lunch, and have created a game with a little dirt, a small toy sauce pan full of water, and a couple of roly poly bugs...named Ella and Joseph.

Placing them in pistachio shell boats, Ella and Joseph are making their way across a jouncing, sloshy sea. Then they are placed in a muddy bucket. Later they board a train. GIRL announcing the destinations with a megaphone made from marble maze tubes. Ella and Joseph may not make it to the day's end.

These are the joys. A little water, pistachios, and a couple of roly poly bugs. Life is good for two children 10 months apart....

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  1. Who doesn't have a good time when roly-poly bugs are involved.

    Just yesterday I was having a discussion with a 9th grader about the scientific name--Armadillidum vulgare. Who knew?

  2. I love the way their minds work! Isn't it funny how often times, children's most creative play is done not with toys, but with things found in nature? We spend all this money on this toy and that toy, and they have the most fun playing with sticks, rocks, bugs, and dirt.
    Kids can teach us so much about enjoying the simpler things in life, huh?

  3. and life is good for their mama

    (ella and joseph, on the other hand, have had better days, I bet...)

  4. sweet babies. don't let them grow up.


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