Saturday, May 16, 2020

Motherscribe now has a new home on Medium called Motherscribe Tales

Photo by Felipe Salgado on Unsplash

Welcome to Motherscribe! This blog was created during the heyday of blogging in 2007 and I wrote here for several years.  I was a stay-at-home mother who suddenly found herself at forty-three with two children under 10 months old. I had always loved writing and this blog was a wonderful place to record our family stories and to connect with other bloggers. It was a life-saving time in my life when connecting with people online was a fairly new thing. As you can see from the side bar, I wrote about parenting, feminism, marriage and humorous adventures from the 3rd person -a.k.a musings and diatribes with JCK. 

This blog is no longer active, but feel free to look around. I have a new writing home on the Medium Platform. You can find me there writing both new articles and sharing stories from here on my Medium publication: Motherscribe Tales

Thanks for stopping by!

Be Well!


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