Thursday, August 30, 2012

Clearing of the mind...

There is something incredibly uplifting about letting go of stuff, rearranging furniture, and creating something new within your own home. I don't know why that always surprises me, but it does. And then I wonder why I've waited so long to take on these projects. It's been a good week of small accomplishments. Sometimes that's all it takes for the world to look a little different.

The clearing of clutter often reflects the clearing that I need, to move forward, when I'm feeling stuck. The physical act of moving parts  loosens the barriers within my mind. I feel lighter and more able to step up to meet the next challenge. Taking the time for reflection is vital.

I wish to be more conscious and present in the world, especially with my husband and children. I am determined to make some changes now...before another year goes by. I believe it's going to be a good school year for my children, and a good year for all of us. I see it and it will be...

Now, I'm going to go pour myself a whiskey, put my legs up and watch my children play outside as one more summer night softly goes dark...

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Hot stuff

JCK is looking forward to the cooler weather ahead. Between the hot flashes within her, and these last August days, she is feeling a bit overcooked. In addition, the Motherscribe household is fraught with temperature accelerations of the human kind, and JCK is not interested in playing referee.

To break up the long evenings, they occasionally go out for yummy frozen treats. Recently, while the Motherscribe family was sitting outside, at a frozen yogurt establishment, a couple of fire trucks pulled up. One of the firemen came over and passed out Firefighter sticker badges to BOY & GIRL. On the way out, BOY couldn't resist a parting word...

BOY: Bye! Don't worry, I'll give you guys a break.


BOY: I won't play with matches.

Everyone enjoys seeing handsome Firefighters laugh hysterically, don't they?

GIRL, meanwhile, has been contemplating important upcoming events - like...Halloween...

GIRL: I can't decide WHAT I am going to be for Halloween!

JCK: Oh, there's plenty of time.

GIRL: It's between an Angel and the Devil,


GIRL: I think I'm going to be the Devil!

Yes! JCK is looking forward to fall. Although saying goodbye to Summer is always bittersweet...

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Monday, August 20, 2012

the end of summer

The last weeks of August are winding down.  There is a part of me ready for the shift into fall, and another clinging to these hazy, sweet summer days. Once again my children have grown into bigger people - limbs, strong and lean, browned by the sun.

My son's hair is a messy spill of golden hay, and freckles dance across my daughter's nose, and up her forehead like scattered stars.

 Our familial, daily scent of sunblock will give way to the lure of freshly sharpened pencils, and the promise of unmarked notebooks yet to be opened. The fall is both a fresh start and a letting go of the old layers that bind us, holding us back. It is an opportunity to move forward in new ways.

Ready or is here...the end of summer...

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just call me...Bob

JCK and her husband are continually trying new methods of communication with their children. JCK feels strongly that setting up a good foundation for sharing is important, as well as each person being able to set up their own boundaries for alone time - which JCK feels is sacred.

GIRL is all over this. She shares openly about her day, is very literal, and loves to go into her room, lock the door and write in her journal. BOY, on the other hand, believes in the grand embellishment! There is no simple story of what has occurred in his life. He isn't much for alone time, unless he is reading...and then, getting his attention to attend to chores or come to the dinner table is almost impossible.

JCK decided to try a different strategy yesterday...

JCK: BOY, can you come into the kitchen please? I'd like to talk to you about something?


JCK: BOY!!! Please come into the kitchen!!


In which JCK goes into the living room and taps on BOY's shoulder.

BOY (slowly taking nose out of book): Yes, mom?

JCK: BOY, I would like your help with something. I am having trouble getting your attention. Do you have any ideas of how I could do that?

BOY: Sure. Just call me "Bob."

Apparently BOY has renamed himself...

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ode to young parents

Over the last couple of years, JCK has started dropping off her children at birthday parties. They do well, and enjoy their experience independent of their parents. If asked, BOY has little comment on what has transpired - other than commenting on what delectable goodies were served. GIRL, on the other hand, loves to wax forth on every detail of the event.

 GIRL: Can I tell you about the party?!!! Well...They had a huge back yard and we started out with a water balloon scavenger hunt. Then we had a water balloon toss, and I threw it to ... and then...and ....we won! Then we...

JCK: That sounds like fun! Did many parents stay?

GIRL: Yes. I was the only one without my parents.

JCK: ....Did you want me to stay?

GIRL: No, I was fine!

JCK: Who was there?

GIRL: Abigail and Aster and ....

JCK: Oh, I'm sorry I missed Aster. I 'm not sure who she is. Maybe I know her parents?

GIRL:  She has a nice young mom and a young dad.

JCK: A nice young Mom?

GIRL: know...

Ay-yi-YI....JCK does know.

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