Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ode to young parents

Over the last couple of years, JCK has started dropping off her children at birthday parties. They do well, and enjoy their experience independent of their parents. If asked, BOY has little comment on what has transpired - other than commenting on what delectable goodies were served. GIRL, on the other hand, loves to wax forth on every detail of the event.

 GIRL: Can I tell you about the party?!!! Well...They had a huge back yard and we started out with a water balloon scavenger hunt. Then we had a water balloon toss, and I threw it to ... and then...and ....we won! Then we...

JCK: That sounds like fun! Did many parents stay?

GIRL: Yes. I was the only one without my parents.

JCK: ....Did you want me to stay?

GIRL: No, I was fine!

JCK: Who was there?

GIRL: Abigail and Aster and ....

JCK: Oh, I'm sorry I missed Aster. I 'm not sure who she is. Maybe I know her parents?

GIRL:  She has a nice young mom and a young dad.

JCK: A nice young Mom?

GIRL: know...

Ay-yi-YI....JCK does know.

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  1. But will they look as good as JCK when they are no longer young?!

  2. I agree with Jenn! You will appreciate this... the other day I asked Dylan what kind of girl he hopes to marry someday. His answer was "a pretty girl of course!" I was annoyed and stunned by that answer, and I asked, "do you think I'm pretty?" He said, "No, not really, but I love you anyway". Isn't their honestly refreshing? NOT.

    That is a stunning photo, by they way!


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