Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just call me...Bob

JCK and her husband are continually trying new methods of communication with their children. JCK feels strongly that setting up a good foundation for sharing is important, as well as each person being able to set up their own boundaries for alone time - which JCK feels is sacred.

GIRL is all over this. She shares openly about her day, is very literal, and loves to go into her room, lock the door and write in her journal. BOY, on the other hand, believes in the grand embellishment! There is no simple story of what has occurred in his life. He isn't much for alone time, unless he is reading...and then, getting his attention to attend to chores or come to the dinner table is almost impossible.

JCK decided to try a different strategy yesterday...

JCK: BOY, can you come into the kitchen please? I'd like to talk to you about something?


JCK: BOY!!! Please come into the kitchen!!


In which JCK goes into the living room and taps on BOY's shoulder.

BOY (slowly taking nose out of book): Yes, mom?

JCK: BOY, I would like your help with something. I am having trouble getting your attention. Do you have any ideas of how I could do that?

BOY: Sure. Just call me "Bob."

Apparently BOY has renamed himself...

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  1. Honestly, that is a pretty simple request. ;)

  2. I would gladly call my boy anything he wanted IF it made him listen the first time I said something, but I'm not real optimistic on that one.

  3. Maybe I'll have to try that at my house


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