Friday, April 22, 2011

but she isn't THAT GIRL, she's THAT WOMAN

JCK dreamed of being THAT GIRL, that one. That Girl who was so happy she swirled around and threw her hat into the big wide open sky, her whole life ahead of her. The girl with the exciting the city, her own apartment, an actress, a boyfriend who came in and out, and hair that curled up at the ends in a perfect swoop.

JCK never had that swoop. She wasn't THAT GIRL. Her hair was straight as a stick. And, there were no hair products.

Except Aqua Net hairspray for the big hair dreamers...

Now that JCK's hair is silver, and has a wave to it, some texture, she has that swoop. The hair products are divine, but she isn't THAT GIRL, she's THAT WOMAN. Somehow...not the same.

And, the swoop? Kind of gets on her nerves...

JCK doesn't have a boyfriend, unless you want to count Sawyer

and well...that's just private. Nor does she have an apartment of her own. In fact, JCK doesn't have much of her own. Except this delicious red lap top...

whose fan is whipped. Kind of like JCK, whose own fan is whipped. Must have been that complete kitchen reorganization WHOOPASS she did over spring break... whooped her ass.

JCK's life is full. Just look at that WOW curl in her hair. She's got a wonderful man in her life, and two children whom she adores. Yet, JCK is feeling a bit itchy. She needs a little shake-up in her day to day. Perhaps she'll buy a wig. Take up belly dancing. Anything...within reason. Because she recognizes the woman who jumps on the back of a motorcycle, and doesn't look back. She, like all women, has that in her. But, her flat ass would never survive the bumps. And, she likes her cozy, steady life. She just needs a little something of her own. So, she can toss her hat and see where it lands...

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  1. I hope you find what it is your looking for--it can be hard to fit adventure in during the hours the kids are at school!

  2. I know what you mean. Adventure? What's that?! Adventure for me at this point is going to the grocery store without losing my cell phone somewhere in the store.

  3. It's always a struggle and a hard balance to find. But you will.


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