Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Camping 101 Facts for Overly Enthusiastic Parents

When last seen, JCK was headed to the desert for her first family camping trip. She is proud to say that she is still walking, albeit with a slight hitch in her step. She likes to think of it as the Cowgirl Whoopie Step. Since it might appear to be a bit bow legged ...and all get out. Not to be confused with GET OUT OF MY's been 48 hours! A funny thing about camping. You have to sleep on the ground. JCK wishes to point out that this, although seemingly a minor detail... is not.

JCK learned quite a bit this go around, and would like to share her.... Camping 101 Facts for Overly Enthusiastic Parents:
When your son, the little Rooster, wakes at 5am, after you've had...perhaps 4 hours sleep, it's best to just get the hell up and not debate with a 7 year old on the merits of sleep. You won't win. When watching the sun rise over the desert, nothing tastes better than hot tea in a tin cup.

If you are prone to peeing in the middle of the night, don't get all prissy at the very idea! of having a pee bottle. You'll wish you had one at 3am. Otherwise... toilet paper? How about squat and shake your booty.

Unplugging is good for the soul...

There is nothing better than seeing your children all smudged with happy dirt.

Legos go anywhere.

Arguing over who moved your stuff means there are too many Virgos in one tent.

Extra rope is always handy. For keeping tents from blowing away or tying up a sassy spouse.

Shoes that slip on and off are key.

A 1 1/2 hike to a desert oasis is worth every step.

There is something exquisite about flowers in the desert.

You can't get enough.

Beetles can be fun.

Camping with friends who are experienced campers is the only way to do it.

The best meal ever is hot dogs, beans and corn.

And...the last Camping 101 Factoid for Overly Enthusiastic Parents?

When people tell you that it can get windy in the desert, don't smile politely and think they are exaggerating.

Devil winds blowing from two directions at once, for many hours during the night, with fears of the tent flying to Oz, will negate every sip of whiskey.

Dirt, tents, hot dogs, friends, s'mores...what's not to love.

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  1. That looks like a little slice of heaven right there. These are the times of your life--savor every moment.

  2. First I was just going to thank you for sharing such amazing photos...they are incredible.

    Then it occurred to me that the most important thing is what a treasured experience and memory you have created for your children.

  3. These are my thoughts...
    1. The fifth shot (of the sunset) is stunning!
    2. Those plates look too fancy for camping!
    3. How did you manage to get pictures without other
    kids running around in the background with that many families?
    4. Your kids will never forget that experience, and they will probably be begging you to go again soon!

  4. Wow, such fun!! I love the pics of the oasis. (but I think my back would ache, sleeping ont he ground). I

  5. Looks amazing! Glad you made it out alive :)


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