Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Imagine there are 2 weight lifters in your body

In efforts to live more healthfully in their food choices, JCK and her family have begun to look at what they are eating and how they can improve their daily eating habits. Like any family, budgetary concerns play a role. Yet, every week, the Motherscribe household forks out large sums of money to purchase food that isn't processed or full of preservatives. Let JCK tell ain't cheap.

Lately, they've begun to look at grams of sugar. BOY has taken this on as his personal mission. He can tell JCK how many grams of sugar are in yogurt, cereal, crackers, granola bars, etc. GIRL likes to explain it this way:

GIRL: BOY, imagine there are two weight lifters in your tummy. On one side is a weight lifter holding up good food. On the other side is a weight lifter holding junk food. The one with the healthy food needs to get stronger & stronger, because the one with the junk food is too strong.

Yes, BOY needs to eat more vegetables...

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  1. Love that analogy! What a smart girl. Lately, it is expensive just to eat, not even considering the health aspect, so I feel your pain!

  2. we are watching this in our family, too. my hubby has finally gotten on board with losing weight, so it's easier. I need to trim off the few I put on in this moving process. it hasn't been so much, considering. but still...

  3. Boy oh boy, did I get this message myself this week!!!

    Hope your little darlings maintain their healthy diets throughout their lives, and don't have to learn a lesson like I did!


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