Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We left on vacation almost a week ago. I was envisioning beach fun under the sun, turquoise waters, diving back into writing and long naps. Instead Tropical Storm Debbie landed and wrapped us up in her vise of wild winds, stormy seas and torrential rain. We are on the other side of it now, but without power.

The storm has passed . It looks like we won't have power for several more days. We've been shelling on the beach, cooking and eating dinner by candlelight, and swimming in an ocean of crashing waves . Today they let us over the bridge, and we journeyed over to the mainland to charge our phones and get internet service.

Vacationing at the beach, seeing, feeling and breathing in the ocean always realigns my mind and body.  It's been challenging for me to let go of my vacation vision, but being forced to really slow down, that piece has been all good...

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  1. I've been slowly working my way through the 3 discs of Spike Lee's documentary about Hurricane Katrina. So let me say to you, I'm SO glad you're all safe!

  2. Well, that stinks!! So sorry your vacation didn't align with the vision of it. Glad you are able to find something positive about it, though.

  3. I'm glad you're making the best of it--life is more pleasant that way.

    I hope you get a couple of days of fun in the sun before you have to head home.

  4. that's the challenge. letting go of expectations when they don't work out. and no air conditioning. that would also annoy me.

  5. Wow! We had our toes in the same ocean at the same time! My family and I just got back from the Gulf Coast. On the Texas side. My sis was in Florida (Disney) so I was hearing hourly updates on all the rain Debby delivered. Felt so bad for her.

    And now a confession. As we made the trek from Austin to the coast, listening to hurricane forecasts, some of which predicted landfall in Texas, I was a hopin' Debby would take her blustery ass east instead of west. And she did. She be a'scared of stressed out, vacation hungry Texans, I guess.


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