Tuesday, January 8, 2013

 The return to school post holiday break has been a rough ride in the mornings at Casa de Motherscribe. For all involved... No one wants to get up. No one.  It is dark. It is cold. It is time for school, work and life to resume, yet who wants to do that? Not JCK's children, apparently. 

This morning after going through the check list: shoes & socks on, hair brushed, breakfast eaten, backpacks ready, and lunches packed, they were off with 8 minutes to spare until the school gate closed. Clutching her cup of tea to her bosom, JCK hustled her two children to the car. 

Enroute, JCK looked down into her cup of sacred liquid caffeine of Jasmine and made a small gasp...

JCK: Oh, yuck a bug flew in my cup.  Oh, well...

BOY: Mom! You CAN'T drink out of that cup! 

JCK: Oh, a little bug won't hurt me, I'll just get it out.

BOY: MOM!! Bugs carry DISEASES!! You CANNOT drink out of that cup.

JCK: A little bug isn't going to hurt me, BOY! For Heaven's Sake.

JCK drinks....


Little does BOY know that JCK would die indeed without her ritual cup of tea in the morning. GIRL, wise one that she is...refrained from commenting...

Photo courtesy of: knotworkshop.com

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  1. Mornings at my house are rough these days also. Maybe a cup of tea would help?

  2. Reentry is soooo tough. I feel their pain.

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  4. Every morning i need a cup of tea. i like to eating tea. Yes jack and his boy conversation really remarkable.

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