Saturday, August 3, 2013

So, things change and so things remain the same...

The summer light is different. Sunsets full of vermillion and bold streaks of pink clouds. Sunrises following with muted colors that burst into a yellow blaze. My children seem to grow exponentially faster with the longer days of summer, their brown limbs stretching upwards like plants seeking light. Even their toes leave a larger imprint on the earth.

Yet some things do not change. They still sport milk mustaches after every sip, slam doors in their haste to go out, come in, back out...again, and blessedly continue to plunk down in my lap for a cuddle, and to tell me their stories.

I know that not many years from now I will look back on this time and think how small my children were. But, for now, what I see...are my children growing bigger by the day.

So, things change and so things remain the same...

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  1. Hear, hear. This is exactly the way it is.

  2. Beautiful, of course. "Even their toes leave a larger imprint on the earth." You are such a good writer.

  3. Enjoy this time. It is far too short.

  4. Yes, they do. I'm not sure I agree that it's too short--I've always felt like it was just about the right amount of time and to everything there is a season.


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