Monday, October 28, 2013

the early bird gets the...voice change?

My daughter adores, is obsessed, is in love... with The Brady Bunch - the original TV series. We get the DVDs from Netflix and she watches the same episodes over and over. The BOY enjoys them as well. One of their favorite episodes is when Peter's voice is changing. It adds great comic relief to the Brady family, especially fun opportunities for jibes from the siblings.

On Saturday, BOY woke up with a sore throat. Yesterday, his voice started screeching in a higher register. He worked the situation, purposefully sending his voice into orbit mid-sentence. Again and again. The GIRL almost decked him...the screech being similar to nails on a chalk board.

GIRL: Will you STOP THAT!!!!!

BOY: What? 

GIRL: You KNOW "what!!" Your VOICE. You are DOING IT ON PURPOSE!!

BOY: No, GIRL, my voice is changing.

GIRL: NO, IT ISN'T!! You are just copying the BRADY BUNCH!!!

JCK: BOY, honey, you are a little young yet for your voice to be changing.

BOY: Nope, Mom. It's changing all right.

GIRL: Your voice won't change until you are 13 or 14, BOY.

JCK: GIRL is right, BOY. You probably have a few years yet.

BOY: Mom...I'm an early riser.

Photo credit: IMDb.

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  1. How lucky are you, that your kids want to watch The Brady Bunch, and not the trash that most kids are watching?!

  2. Remember how great that show was as a kid?! I remember everything about that episode.

  3. Awesome picture.Thanks for the post.


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