Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Can a feminist be sexy?

What IS sexy, anyway? The curve of a woman's breast, the sweet spot just at the nape of the neck, the dimples above a voluptuous derriere? Obvious, all. Yet I find them sexy. A woman who isn't afraid to reveal her intellect, who speaks her mind, and who isn't silent because that would be easier. Perhaps eventually leading to madness... but easier. Gorgeously sexy, that which lies boldly between the ears. In females or males.

Can a feminist be sexy?

Is it OK to don fishnets, stilettos...if one can find them amongst the shoes of practicality, and a sexy dress and play seductive with one's lover? Is there a difference if it isn't your idea? And then, what if it is your idea? Does that mean that you reject feminism?

Can you embrace the feminine and still be a feminist?

Can you be a heterosexual and be a feminist?

Can you be a Lesbian and not be diminished by the "feminist label?"

Can you wear a short skirt and still be a feminist?

And...can you be sexy for yourself?

The exploration continues....here. Do jump in!

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  1. You're so adorable! Talk of feminism flummoxes me. I simply BE however way I wanna BE. To me, it's all about freedom. In my teens I was in a Theatre Troupe that toured around schools and parks performing Marlo Thomas's Free To Be You And Me.

    It pretty much sums up my philosophy to this day.

  2. Oh yeah. Feminists can be sexy. I think feminism is all about embracing who you are. And sometimes, who I am is dead sexy.

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  4. Oh hellzayeah. Having said that, being pregnant with twins at the moment I feel anything but.

  5. Absolutely feminists can be sexy! There's a big distinction between sexy and slutty.

  6. Of course feminists can be sexy! "Sexy" is in the eye of the beholder. To me, a man who is confident, yet vulnerable is sexy. To someone else, maybe not. To me, a man who says, "No honey, let me do the laundry" would make me HOT. I'm pretty sure we would all agree with that. Does that make me a feminist? ; )

  7. I think a feminist can definitely be sexy--but I'm not sure how I feel about women who think that exploiting their own sexuality (prostitution, exotic dancing, etc.) is an act of feminism.

  8. Great topic! Man! I've been in a relationship for over 7 years. I swear to God I worried for 6 of them on whether or not he would think I was sexy if I "let the real me all hang out". In other words, if I was the feminist I am.

    Come to find out, he thinks Jodie Foster is gorgeous, women are more beautiful when they're older, Rachel Maddow is a fox, Hillary Clinton's brains are sexy, women with muscles are sexy, small breasts are the bomb, and a strong woman is where it's at.

    What I've learned is that a good man will find YOU sexy, whomever YOU are. And as more women discover the strength within to stand up for themselves and educate our men accordingly, I think we'll find submissive playthings a boring men's fantasy of the past.

  9. I suspect a woman who is sure of herself, her worth and her value is about the sexiest thing there is. I find some alcohol or weed can often uncover the confidence I need to be truly sexy and sexual. I wish I could tap into it without having to lose some inhibitions :)

    I have always called myself a feminist even when my behaviour would not have shown me as such!


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