Wednesday, February 17, 2010

That. Is. Not. Allowed. Mommy.

It's all in the wording, apparently. When you have small children, they watch your every move. When one of your children is an observer, well... questions are asked. Answered. And recorded. GOD help you, if you do something differently. Break from the norm. That. Is. Not. Allowed. Mommy.

Yesterday, I was talking with GIRL, and just happened to mention "that Dad likes that" in our conversation.

What DID you SAY?

Did you say....DAD?!!

You mean, Da DDY?

I stand corrected. You'd think I'd called him a name. And not a nice one.

Using different voices in stories, suddenly dancing around the living room, none of this goes down too easily with GIRL. If it isn't something that she is prepared for, she ain't having it. No way. She's been watching her mommy for all of her 5+ years, and she knows what's what.

Now, if SHE choreographs the event. Nothing is barred. She can just pull out some maracas, start shaking them, and SHOUT, "DANCE, MOMMY, DANCE." Come on, puppet Mommy, let's MOVE it. Believe me, you are expected to dance. And then when you do a lame little shake, shake, shake with your fine Mama booty....well, she LOVES it and wants you to do it AGAIN! And again, and again, and... you get the picture.

Someday, she will embrace the idea of me acting differently. Someday...when pigs fly.

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  1. Nothing gets by them.

    Gremlin decided the other day that he would call me "Chrissie." Think again.

  2. wail till you start embarrassing her. now that's some fun.

  3. I don't think mom's are allowed to be different. In their mind, we have to be a constant, never-changing figure who waits on them. Kind of like the janitorial staff....

  4. No doubt all fine Mama booty moves are approved by GIRL and BOY but most certainly by DaDDY!

  5. Picturing you dancing around made me smile. Kids love when we act a little nutty. As long as it's their idea!


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