Thursday, March 11, 2010

I felt like Odysseus, without all the death and bad marriage karma...

I drove in tonight after a long, but successful day in Long Beach at a job fair on a college campus. The company that I work for had a booth, and we were there marketing the company as a possible employer, answering questions, and building brand recognition with college students.

As soon as I turned in the driveway, I could see a spinning top through the living room window. GIRL threw open the door and ran out into the dark to greet me...

MOMMY, MOMMY!!! I made a welcome home card for you!!

I felt like Odysseus, without all the death and bad marriage karma...

The card said: Welcome home, Mommy. She had drawn a picture of us together in matching outfits. Accented with big purple hearts....

I turned to mush.

I was gone for 9 hours. An eternity in my 5 year old girl's life. It is a blessing to be so loved...


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  1. So very sweet.

    Quite often when I get home from running errands they come at me with big hugs like I've been gone for weeks. It's the best feeling

  2. That's a great way to come home. :) And home-made cards are the best. I always save them.

  3. Such a sweet and tender moment....I envy you these special days with young children.

  4. When I pull into the garage, my kids come running out to greet me, too. "Mommy! I need $10 for the field trip!"

    Not quite the same.

  5. What a joyful Girl! May all your workdays end in such homecomings. I hope your trip was also productive.

  6. Aawww...I wished I could see the card...

  7. I love the image of your daughter as a spinning top - I can so totally see that!

  8. A treasure; thank you for sharing <3


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