Monday, August 30, 2010

House clearing, head clearing?

Fall is my favorite time of year. New beginnings. Fresh starts. I eagerly rush forward to meet them...

We are perched between those last golden days of summer vacation and we CAN'T STAND EACH OTHER FOR ANOTHER MINUTE. OY...with the whining... *sigh*

This last week is filled with play dates and picking up those items on the school list. Uniforms. Lunch boxes. Shoes...

GIRL has another loose tooth. She loves Silly Bandz. And is getting very excited about Kindergarten.

BOY decided he wanted to go off the diving board at the local community pool, so he asked the life guard if he could take the swimming test. BOY swam across the pool doing a freestyle I didn't know he was capable of. He passed and spent two afternoons jumping off the spring board with the big kids.

I have already attacked a couple of boxes. Our unbearable heat left and we have been treated to crisp mornings and lovely afternoons. Toss, sort & shred. Toss, sort & shred. My hope is that the clearing of the house will help clear a space for the writing again. Every time I look up another week has passed, and I have written...nothing.

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  1. There was unbearable heat in SoCal? I guess I blinked and missed it. I'm feeling gypped because I only got two weeks of summer weather this year!

    The end of summer is definitely designed to make you feel good about the beginning of school!

  2. the last week or so of summer is just unbearable -- as far as the whining and the fighting goes. just drives me crazy. soon you will be on your fall schedule and you won't even remember what all those crazy boxes look like

    also -- my verification word is hotro. one of the best i've ever had.

  3. We are firmly entrenched in the last week of summer vacation. And READY for school. New sneaker shopping took place yesterday. I also have a de-cluttering list that I can't wait to get to.

    Basically, we just need to *not* be with each other all day, every day.

  4. In my experience lately, when you start clearing boxes, or getting projects done, it just makes you want to clear MORE boxes and get MORE projects done. I have been tackling things that have needed done since we moved in (3 summers ago!)

    Wow! BOY went off the diving board?! I hope you got pictures. That is a big moment.

  5. Too much of a good thing? I hear you!

    I also understand the invigoration that comes with sorting and throwing away.

    I sense more writing in your future. I hope!

  6. That is a lot of work. Maybe you need a house clearance service in order to make things fast and easy. They are now in the web for online inquiries.


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