Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our home zone...

Good-bye Beach!

Early dawns...

Sandy toys...

Stories read by Ma'Mai...

Sea exploration...

Spectacular skies...

Life at a slower ...


And so we are home...Our summer sojourn has been full. Now we must find our rhythm again. Our home zone. It is good to return to things treasured - some remembered, some not. As we continue to find sand stashed in shoes, clothes, and ...ears, it enables us to slowly reenter our regular life.

Three weeks left before school starts. GIRL enters Kindergarten. BOY, the 1st Grade. A new opportunity for me to reevaluate. Prioritize. Figure out. My thoughts are sticky, fleeting into these last hot days....

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  1. Welcome back, JCK. I've lived vicariously thru you and your family and enjoyed the beach this summer thru your eyes and words. Thank you!

  2. So lovely. What a wonderful summer. And kindergarten and first grade to look forward to.

  3. Back to California, no real winters, but earthquakes! Glad you had a good time, glad to have you back.


  4. I agree on loving the slower pace at the beach, being more tired at night, sand in the bed.

    I'm glad you had a good vacation. I hope the first day of school is magical for both of your kids.

  5. Just lovely, Jennifer. Wishing you all a great school year.

  6. So beautiful. Welcome back to California! Hope the first day of school is fun for both Boy and Girl.


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