Thursday, December 23, 2010

...Gingerbread and Transformers Battle

JCK is hoping that you are pulling out the Merry! After all, you still have 2 days left until Christmas. Although it looked like Row, Row, Row your Boat had become a reality, the rain has finally stopped... JCK keeps listening to that noisy SILENCE in the Night.

The Motherscribe Household has been on mandatory storm watch for almost a week. Children have been seen climbing on furniture, screaming at the top of their lungs, and using their naughty little hands to poke, prod and all around bother other folks and each other. JCK has been grateful no one can read her thoughts. Madness! Pure, madness!

JCK herself has been seen dangling from her very last nerve. And then some. JCK doesn't know how other people manage to keep themselves sane in a rainy world. JCK lives in Southern California. She admits to being a bit of a woos, but COME ON PEOPLE, 6 days of rain!

There were many games played inside the Motherscribe residence this week. When JCK's children are not screaming and climbing on furniture, she is proud of their creativity. One day there was a rousing game of...Gingerbread and Transformers Battle. It was explained to JCK by GIRL that it couldn't be called Gingerbread Men and Transformers Battle, because there was a Gingerbread Lady. JCK was seen flushing with pride. Her daughter is obviously tapping in to her inner warrior Woman. Even if her inner woman resembles Gingerbread. And is stuffed.

The Motherscribe kitchen was full of flour and sugar and molasses and red hots this week. Several batches of homemade gingerbread cookies and fudge were whipped up. BOY & GIRL got in on the action and one fun evening was spent cutting out and decorating gingerbread. GIRL loves color and BOY believes in the overuse of red hots.

This year JCK admits to being a bit over baked. But, her spirits are high, and she wishes all of her readers a wonderful Christmas full of love and laughter. And, if the FA LA LA gets too much for her, JCK will sit herself down on the vacuum in the hall closet, close the door, and be grateful. Because she is blessed. With family, friends, and a vacuum cleaner that doesn't have to be turned on...

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  1. I had a hard time sleeping last night without the sound of rain--it was weird.

    Have a very Merry Christmas with your delightful little helper elves!


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