Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The elusive Chorister Star

A year ago, we withdrew BOY from choir, because his impulse control was such that he couldn't participate. It was a relief for all of us.

For myself, as my heart ached to see him unable to keep his body in his seat, or not speak out whenever a thought popped into his head that he wanted to share. For GIRL, as she worried about BOY, and it affected her enjoyment of choir. And, perhaps most important of all, it was a relief for BOY. After a full day of Kindergarten, a choir class in which he was required to do things he wasn't capable of doing made him feel bad, because he knew he couldn't do it. Then.

This fall he and I decided he was ready to try again. Oh, the growth! It's been such a joy to see him participate fully with his friends. And, to watch how proud he is of his hard work. And, he told me...Mom, it's REALLY hard work.

Not the singing, or the accompanying with the small instruments. No, the hard work is keeping his body still and following the rules.

The choir teacher is a hard task master. But, she's an amazing artist, and all of the choirs she directs are phenomenal. BOY & GIRL love being with their friends and learning the music.

Each week three students are rewarded with The Chorister Star. It recognizes their good listening, keeping their bodies where they are supposed to be, and participating fully.

Yesterday, BOY earned his first Chorister Star. He was so proud! At the end of class he came running up the stairs, made a beeline for me, and proudly stuck out his chest to show me the elusive Chorister Star.

He's wanted it for a long time. Ever since last year, when for the 3 weeks we did choir, all he wanted was the Chorister Star.And, there were tears each week, because he didn't have one. Now he's got one! What a lovely symbol of his maturation.

After class, one of the women expressed excitement, yet surprise that BOY had earned a star. I wouldn't have thought that possible, she said. For a moment I was angry. Then I was overwhelmed with love and gratitude. Because, I am his mother. And...I believe in him. All the way....

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  1. Yay, BOY! Yay, Mommy! Congratulations to you both for a long year spent well maturing and for earning the Chorister Star! What an achievement!

  2. Please pardon my saying, that woman is a bitch. I hope she isn't a close friend. Either that or she needs to work on her impulse control. No star for her!

    Congratulations on this fantastic milestone!

  3. What a difference a year can make. YAY to BOY!

    Several of the utterly impossible first graders I worked with last year have turned into quite nice second graders.

  4. Congratulations to BOY!

    So sorry about that mom's comment. I have students who have trouble focusing and completing their assignments, and when they come in saying, "I did my homework! And it's in complete sentences!" I always say, "Yay! I knew you could do it!" because I did. I knew they could do it.

  5. The accomplishments of our children are sweeter than our own. Always.

  6. Good for him! And how could another mother say that kind of a thing? I just don't understand . . .


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