Thursday, August 25, 2011

She is our very own cupid

Our house is filled with her notes. Big ones, small ones. Some full of color, some black and white. Scattering them across rooms, and on doors, she is free with her love...

She hand delivers them to our desks, pulls them out of her camp lunch box, or leaves her thoughts slanting across an easel...

Her mark is everywhere. She is a girl destined to be heard.

What a blessing to have our very own cupid...

Drawing above - GIRL's self-portrait.

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  1. I am so glad to see that framed--that is a piece of art!

  2. That self portrait is awesome! Is it made with yarn? What a sweetheart she is.

  3. I came over from Jason's page. I adore that self portrait, it is a piece of art!
    And those love notes? priceless. I hope you are saving each one...would make a beautiful album one day!

  4. what a lovely girl you're bringing up. love this post.

  5. She seems like a really special Girl :-)


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