Friday, August 12, 2011

How do you split up the family work in your home?

Men are contributing more than ever before to family work. Yet, why do women feel like they are doing everything? Perhaps there is truth in both viewpoints, and a middle ground somewhere in between. How do you split up the family work in your home? I'm blogging about that over on the Huffington Post today. Come read. And, share your thoughts.

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  1. Oh man... I'll go read, but I have the feeling I'm just going to get annoyed, because I do feel I do WAY more. Case in point... At 9:15 at night, I just finished paying bills. What is Jim doing? Watching a football game. GRRR..

  2. Okay, after reading it, I wanted to add that I agree that women should just schedule quality free time for themselves and then just do it! I've been doing that more lately, and I always feel so rejuvenated afterwards. Another problem is that men are working ridiculous hours, (usually for the same pay as before), so they have less time to contribute.
    What gets me mad are the birthday parties. All the moms are there, with their kids, and the husbands are doing what? Jim goes along with me, and I appreciate that so much.

  3. You're blogging on the Huffington Post? Holy cow! You have arrived. I am going to go check it out right now!

  4. Great article, JCK. You hit the points right on in my opinion.

    Congrats also on blogging for the Huffington Post; very, very nice.

  5. Nice read! I agree that wives should plan quality me-time no matter what. That is so crucial to re-charge themselves.
    As for my family, I guess I'm lucky, 'cos my hubby does MOST of it. *laugh*

  6. I'm very lucky. My husband does a lot of housework. He's always insisted on doing his own laundry, for one. Not because he is fussy. He's not. He's in construction. He insists because he doesn't think a woman should wait on a man. Might be why I married him :)

    Now, we also hire a maid - she comes every other week. I believe this keeps the peace more than anything. We spend less time being resentful, more time doing things we like.


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