Saturday, October 29, 2011

Goodbye, Cali Girl, we shall miss you...

She was a little pup in a pile of pups, yet the only one awake. As I walked up, she climbed over all of her sleeping brothers and sisters to greet me. A blond dog with eyelashes the color of caramel, and beautiful tilted eyes. I lifted her out -only to play with her for a few minutes, I convinced myself. I left the Humane Society an hour later with her in the front seat. When I arrived, climbing out of the car and depositing this small pup on the driveway, my husband said ...that's not a kitten. I had left to pick out a kitten. Minor detour. We named her Cali -setting our sights ahead to a future life in California. That was 14 1/2 years ago.

Cali brought us much. She was young and feisty and a great swimmer. A mix of lab and chow chow, she was what you'd call "a looker." She and our dog, Soul Man, were buddies. He black as night, she golden like the summer hills of Southern California. When our children arrived, she was good with them. Patient, patient...patient. When Soul Man died, she became more social. She liked it when we were outside. She would often wander into the middle of a back yard "pitch and hit" family baseball game, and lie down in the middle of the outfield - right where you wanted to go...

Other than eating, Cali loved hikes most of all. She chased deer and squirrels, and was the best gopher catcher to ever spend a weekend near Solvang.

She left us this night, peacefully, surrounded by love. We will be forever grateful to our lovely friend, and veterinarian who helped her to the next life in the comfort of her home. I like to imagine that there is a Heaven just for Dogs. And, that it looks like the book: "Go, Dog Go!", by P.D. Eastman. Do you like my hat?! Yes, we do...we really, really do! Goodbye, Cali Girl, we shall miss you...

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  1. Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss. But you gave her such a good life. I've lost three such wonderful companions, and I know how painful and sad it must be right now for you.

  2. I'm sorry for your loss. It sounds like Cali was surrounded with love from the beginning to the end.

    I love your Go, Dog. Go! reference. Literary genius.


  3. Big hugs JCK. Thank you for providing a loving home for this wonderful dog.

  4. So sorry you lost such a dear, sweet pet. So hard. So sad. Blessings for the wonderful memories that you'll always have.

  5. I'm so sorry it was time to say goodbye to a dear family member.

    A friend recently had someone come to her house for her dog and also spoke highly of the experience.

  6. I read your announcement on Facebook but just couldn't bring myself to come and read about Cali until now. I'm so sad. I'm so sorry you had to let her go. I love that you were able to do it in your home, though. That's what I was able to do with Emily and it's the very best way to do a bad thing. I'm thinking of you all the time. xo

  7. Cali was obviously loved. One of the very lucky dogs. I still have warm, vivid memories of dogs from my childhood. Sounds like you've given your kids that gift.

    I lurrrrrrrved Go, Dog Go! That dog party in the tree was so funny to me. No better illustration of doggie heaven.


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