Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You get beat up and you get chased by girls

I love the conversations I have with my son when I am tucking him in at night. It is a struggle to get to the tucking in part...to get him to stop building Legos, or stop reading, and head to bed. Then, of course, there is that last bathroom stop and..brushing of teeth. BOY manages to drag this out for another 5-10 minutes. Finally, he makes it to his room and flings himself upon the top bunk, and shares what is on his mind - in that moment.

BOY: OOOF!..It's tough being a boy.

JCK: Why is it tough being a boy?

BOY: You get beat up and you get chased by girls.

JCK: Wow, that does sound tough.

BOY: It is...the girls run after me and try to kiss...

JCK: What? They aren't supposed to be doing that.

BOY: Well, they run after me and hug me and squeeze me.

JCK: Who are these girls? What grade are they in?

BOY: Mom, I don't stick around to ask. I'm running for my life!

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  1. He's going to be a little heart breaker - looks AND personality, oh my!

  2. I have had to tell a few second graders what we don't kiss in second grade. Those hussies.

  3. At my kindergarten-age b-day party my mom had to lock the only boy I invited to the party in the bathroom at one point to protect him from all the girls! LOL. I love his take on the situation. :)

  4. I tell you--reading these posts is like watching Danger Boy grow up all over again.

    Looks and a great sense of humor are a combo no girl can resist!


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