Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You will not go to jail

This summer has been BOY & GIRL's first experience with day camp. Two days a week they are full up with swimming, arts & crafts, archery, games, dance, hiking, drama... all in an outdoors space with acreage.

Today GIRL made one of those paper contraptions where you fold down the corners and each corner is a different number or color, and you move your thumbs and index fingers to move the various parts back and forth. She asks you to choose a color and she moves it as many times as the letters in that color. Then you choose a number and she moves it again that many times. She calls it her Fortune Teller.

This evening she had us learn our fortunes over and over again.

GIRL: Don't worry, they are all good!

There was... Number 6: You will have a great day.

There was...Number 7: You will win $100.

Not to be missed was...Number 9: You will not go to jail.

And... Number 10: If you go to jail, you will get out the next day.

My daughter...ever the optimist...

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flutter said...

kids are so nuts. I love it.

Kizz said...

You definitely will not go to jail but just in case...

That's my kind of fortune.

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