Friday, June 26, 2009

The exploration of my physical body

I've given myself something this week. The kindness of looking after my own body. It's helped. In ways that I cannot put words to. I feel stronger and more myself.

There is something about yoga that taps into my inner core as a woman. Food for my soul? I am rediscovering my body. And through the exploration of sensation, I am more... grounded.

Like someone who is parched and aching for water, I am devouring it. This time for me. The exploration of my physical being.

It is then that the words come. When I lie still and let go of ...preconceived notions of what my writing life should be. My body unraveling like a ball of yarn, undulating at its own speed. Free at last! Rolling end over end to finally rest tucked under my fingertips. A gift. As if... Here! For you! Take it. It's yours!


Yoga photo courtesy of Google Images. This is not, I repeat, NOT JCK.

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  1. Well if there are no accidents in life, then it's time I do yoga. This came at the right time for me. Thanks.

  2. Wow, with that title, I was a bit afraid what this post was going to be about! ; )
    Glad you are taking some time just for you.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more, YOGA is definitely a gift for the mind, body and soul each and every time I partake. It had been months since my last class but I went this week, tried a new yoga studio, and was amazed at how a one hour class changed my entire day. As you said, "grounded". Lovely. I hope you can go regularly to receive those wonderful benefits.

  4. A most excellent gift .. or is it more accurate to say a need? I would love to take a yoga class daily. Start every morning with a good stretch.

  5. I hear you. When I dance at Zumba, everything melts away and I become curious about what I'm capable of, physically.

    I love the challenge. It makes me a better mother, friend, wife, woman.

  6. I have no idea how close Wii yoga is to real yoga, but I am sure enjoying it.

  7. My daughter and I visited a UU congregation a few weeks ago, and she got to do yoga for the first time.

    She can't wait to go back . . .

  8. Beautifully said, all of those words are singing.

    I am moved to get back to my Wii Yoga [a lame cousin to the real thing, but all I'm capable of at the moment...]

  9. I have just got into yoga too and I love it. I try to do it for 20 mins as soon as I have dropped the children off and it works a treat. I feel great and my mind just has all the superfluous stuff sucked out and I can focus on whatever it is I wish to do. Love it! Never ever thought I'd say that - I am a runner and always thought yoga was a bit weird!!

  10. I have been fascinated by your posts, your strength, fear, faith, and following the rocks. And now yoga! :) That's it... I'm going tonight. Yoga starts in an hour! Thank you.


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