Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mommy's Milk & Mousetraps

Today was the usual intrigue around Casa de Motherscribe. BOY managed to climb up and grab a mouse trap in the garage, bring it inside and engage it. It snapped across his fingers leaving a raised white line. Once the tears were gone and the cold pack had been applied, BOY acknowledged that playing with a mousetrap was perhaps not the best idea...

And then this week, there's been an obsession with milk producing mammaries...

Questions from BOY to my friend, M.

May I try some of your Mommy's milk? Does it get messy?

Questions from BOY to another friend, Mrs J.

May I try some of your Mommy's milk? What does it taste like?

And to me....

Do you still have Mommy's milk?

No, BOY, I don't.

Why not?

Because you just have it after you give birth to a baby and then when the baby stops drinking it, it dries up.

Does it get all moldy in there?

No. It just naturally dries up and goes away.

Well...Mrs. J says it is sweet.

It probably is.

I want to try some.


Painting by Pierre Augustine Renoir titled: Motherhood Aka Woman Breast Feeding Her Child2

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  1. Wow, good stuff. And handled with aplomb :D

  2. "Does it get moldy?"
    What a mind!!! He's a clever one!

  3. Have you read The Senator's Wife by Sue Miller? Intense breastfeeding subplot.

  4. We're all quite fixated on the moldy part. Too funny.

  5. Ow on the mousetrap! As to Mommy's milk - BOY is too funny. DeBoy doesn't really care there's no more milk in there, but he still tries to get a hand in to make sure they're still there.

  6. well, it does seem like a rather odd phenomenon. amazing, isn't it, what our bodies can do?

  7. Sweet! So sorry about the mousetrap. Ouch.


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