Monday, May 24, 2010


BOY: I want to start a web site. It will be called BOY.COM

JCK: What will you offer at your web site?

BOY: Games. Like Study Island, only better. It can be for 17th and 8th graders. 9th, 10th, 11th graders.

GIRL: Will you have any games for little kids?

BOY: Yes! I will have a game called...OOH, NO!

GIRL: How do you play it?

BOY: Well, you can throw a ball at a kid, and if you hit them, then you have to say, OOH, NO! Because, you lose.

GIRL: So, it is the opposite of Dodge Ball?

BOY: Yeah. I'm going to have posters and Billboards everywhere. They will all say: BOY.COM

JCK: Well, it sounds like you have a business plan in the making.

BOY: Yeah. I'm working on it.

Photo taken of boots that were part of a super hero outfit that was made by BOY's village of kids for BOY on Community Day at school last month. Community days have a global theme each month, and are composed of 2 students from each grade (K-11th) forming a village to work together for the day.

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