Saturday, May 15, 2010

Time cannot stand still

These last days of school are flashing by... Somehow my daughter will be in Kindergarten in the fall. I find my emotions washing over me in waves, unexpectedly. I cannot stop my tears, and am mourning her babyhood, the disappearing rounded limbs and cheeks. She is so ready to leave preschool...beautiful to see, yet bittersweet. I treasure our moments together, reveling in her blossoming this year. Time cannot stand still, but I can slow down and breathe all of this in...

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  1. Oh, I am sooo with you. My first born baby heads to K in the fall. He absolutely can't wait. I'm a nervous wreak about it.

    How can this possibly be?

  2. My "baby" is graduating from 8th grade. It has all gone by too fast.

  3. I got through this by always focusing on the wonderment on the horizon. The sweet in the bittersweet if you will.

  4. So true, JCK, so true. I envy the time you do have with your young ones; many more years ahead. I just watched my youngest graduate from college last weekend and launch into life on her own. My son is 6 months into his marriage. I have lots of memories of course but it's bittersweet to think they are just that...memories.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. They will be grown up before you know what happened!

  5. Breathe it all in ... when they're teens you'll be gasping ;)

    Ok, more seriously? I take great comfort in the notion that no one can slow this down, no mom can wish her children into eternal babyhood. We're all stuck in this forward momentum. It waits for no one. So I embrace what is rather than what I wish it would be. On a good day, that is.


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