Saturday, May 1, 2010

It was...the $3.28 lesson

It is that time of year. Warm rays lavished on sun kissed skin. Daylight stretching out ... into eventide. Cold drinks over ice are poured, the music from the ice cream truck is closer, and naughtiness abounds...

Yesterday was such a day. GIRL and BOY managed to empty almost a full container of hand soap into the bath tub... and sink. Hearing shouts and giggles of irrepressible glee, JCK knew the countdown to JackO'Clock was over.

In fear for her life, JCK walked into a bathroom that had become a virtual bubble wonderland. GIRL was in the bath, and BOY was assisting her to "make bubble bath," by emptying the hand soap container in the tub.

The sink being overfloweth with bubbles, and the bathroom ahhh...flambée with the scent of chamomile and lavender, JCK managed to screech at a medium level of auditory tolerance. It. was. the. end. of. the. day.

A day in which JCK had not only swept and vacuumed out the wood burning fireplace, replacing the andirons with fireplace candelabras. But... had assembled an office chair with the help of her BOY & GIRL.

JCK was Flat Out Butt Tired... and in NO MOOD for dealing with a heretofore unforeseen bubble wonderland.

Since this was the second time that a hand soap container had rapidly emptied itself, JCK made a decision. There was a lesson in the making here, and who was she to deprive them of it? It was going to be a lesson in much does this cost?

JCK informed BOY & GIRL that they would be going to the store tomorrow. They would purchase another hand soap bottle, and the money was coming out of their piggy banks.

Out of OUR piggy banks!?!!

Indeed. By JCK's estimate, $1.25 each.

Today, JCK accompanied BOY & GIRL to the store. They found the hand soap on the shelf, and JCK discovered that it cost more than her estimate. She informed GIRL & BOY that they would have to reimburse her for the difference.

But, HOW will we do that?!


Poor Piggy Bank. A victim of INFLATION.

At the check-out aisle, GIRL & BOY each handed the checker $1.25, plus another dollar from JCK. Now, JCK is not a mind reader, so she doesn't know what the checker thought of this transaction. However, the checker appeared to be impressed that two children were buying a container of hand soap with their own money. JCK didn't wish to burst his bubble. So, she just smiled and patted the touseled heads of her rosy cheeked, cherubic children.

The checker showed them the receipt -pointing to the cost of the item and the change that was due. He counted out their change. 22 cents. 11 cents each. Unknown to him, soon to be forked over to their mother.

It was... the $3.28 lesson.

On the way home, GIRL had a question.

Mommy, why did we have to buy ANOTHER hand soap? Why couldn't we have used the extra one under the sink?

JCK: Because, Daddy and I want to teach you and BOY about the value of things -how much they cost, and where that money comes from. If we had just used that other soap, then you wouldn't have seen the cost of using up a bottle of hand soap.

GIRL: Well! I certainly KNOW how much soap COSTS!

BOY chose to remain silent. JCK should have known this was a SIGN.

Approximately 4 hours later, BOY & GIRL managed to cover themselves, the dog, and the dog's bed in muddy water.

There will be NO television for the rest of the weekend. No movies. Nuttin'.

JCK thinks it is no coincidence that her children resemble Spanky & Darla from The Little Rascals...


Photo of: "Club Spanky" dream sequence from the 1937 short Our Gang Follies of 1938.

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  1. your kids are so stinkin cute

  2. I love a good character-building lesson!

  3. Aha, so now their messes are constituted by FREE stuff! I'd say your lesson was effective. You made them bathe the dog and wash his bed and their muddy clothes by hand against the rock on the river bank, carrying everything back to the house in baskets on top of their heads, right? I so would.

  4. Logical consequences with a lesson. I like it.

    Now why didn't they take this lesson and generalize it, applying it to all life situations?

  5. I'm sorry but I giggled through this whole story. Your kids are just so adorable. They really are!


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