Sunday, July 18, 2010

JCK just sat back and gave it up

JCK is not quite sure why it seems to be her fate...that flying solo with a BOY and a GIRL always has to be quite SO dramatic. Is it really necessary for the flight to spend an hour circling the Atlanta airport only to be rerouted to Birmingham, Alabama of all places? Not that there is anything wrong with Birmingham... But, getting off the plane for 30 minutes, after 6 hours on a plane, and getting back on...only to stay on the plane for 4 more hours seems a bit, well...TORTUROUS. Such is the way with JCK and her brood.

Except that there was a major blessing. BOY & GIRL were angels. Troopers. Really, really good. In fact, during a rather turbulent segment of the flight between Atlanta and Birmingham, BOY yelled out: DO IT AGAIN! Everyone appreciated the ability to laugh, since LOST is only fun on TV.

As the plane sat and sat and sat in Birmingham, JCK finally decided sugar was in order. For everyone. You've never seen a debit card fly out of someone's wallet so fast. The flight attendant understood. She gave JCK an extra bag of candy at no charge.

Once JCK and kids arrived in Atlanta around midnight, with no flights on to Florida until the early AM, they were rescued by JCK's dad who arrived to whisk them to his house. BOY & GIRL were enthralled with the adventure and had no problem staying up until 2am, which even with the time difference was LATE. After a refreshing 5 hours of sleep, the adventure continued with a commuter train ride to the airport the next morning. When the flight board read that the flight to Florida would be delayed an hour, it only seemed the way. JCK just sat back and gave it up.

But, now it has been 5 days, and the weight of that arduous journey has lightened considerably. JCK has been watching dolphins dance their way across the Gulf, while her children grow bolder every day in the waves of the ocean. She is looking forward to the adventures ahead...out of the air.

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  1. How perfect that you are actually enjoying the making of the legendary family anecdote. "Remember when . . .?"

  2. Whoa; a gruesome journey but great that GIRL and BOY were such "troopers"; always harder on the adults, these things. Glad you're relaxing and putting this experience into the memory bank as Jenn a "remember when?"

  3. my heart is sinking - cross continental flight in my near future. those delays on the tarmac really are the modern equivalent of medieval torture devices. with children in tow? inhumane. glad you survived and how wonderful your kids were such troopers. flutter is right :)

  4. I can't imagine taking two kids on a very long flight. I don't ever think I can manage, but you did so well! I am already struggling with my four year old daughter in tow during a short flight. Lol! Glad the kids were very good companions! At least it made the trip easier.


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