Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our summer has begun with a bountiful harvest

BOY has decided that GIRL should have a nickname. And that it shall be...Shookas.

Good night, my little Shookas.

Good morning, Shookas!

GIRL hasn't quite decided if she likes it or not.

Sometimes she does. She smiles, her head tilted, chin tucked into her chest, as if she is treasuring a secret.

Sometimes she let's him know that she hates it.

Do NOT call me...SHOOKAS!

The summer has begun with a bountiful harvest. There have been gifts of melt-in-your-mouth plums picked fresh off the tree, where the juice rolls down your chin and the heavenly sweetness is like nectar of the Goddess. Homemade apricot jam...spread on toast with strong black tea. Divine peaches to top ice cream or make into a cobbler. All this bounty from friends. And for this The Motherscribe household has been blessed.

BOY & GIRL have managed to work down their Summer Activity Wish List: reading together, swimming, playing in the water sprinklers, painting together, children's shows at the library, baking together... JCK would like you to notice that there is a lot of...togetherness. This can be both good and very bad.

Yes..*JCK sighs theatrically*...There has been your every day, run of the mill contentions ...sulking, temper flares, teasing, whining... In FACT, it has not been unheard of for JCK and E to exchange a look of terror and mutter...It's Jack O'Clock! ...elbowing each other out of the way, to be the first to pour.

In two days JCK will be flying solo with the kids to Florida. JCK is cautiously optimistic that their arrival will not be as eventful as the last time she flew by herself with the kids. 3 years ago. When BOY was 3 and GIRL was 2. *Sniff* Where does the time go?? They will be there for a few weeks, enjoying daily beach time, grandparents and frolicking with lots of cousins. E will join them at the end of the trip. They are counting the days until he arrives...

Photo of chalk drawing from the amazing 2010 Pasadena Chalk Festival.

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  1. Oh yes. That whole togetherness is a double edged sword, that is for sure! I'm not very good at too much togetherness, myself.

    Have a great time in Florida!

  2. Ah yes, I've got me a big slice of togetherness pie, too. Too much of a good thing ... Although, at my kids' ages, there are a lot of BFF's who help give momma a break.

    Happy Florida vaycay, JCK!

  3. What a lovely post about the bounty of your life. I love how much you enjoy it as it happens.

  4. Have a great time! I hope the trip there is uneventful.

  5. Come over to The Jason Show and help me fight cancer today. I'll show you my bare chest if you do.

  6. Well, Too much of a good thing ... Although, at my kids' ages, there are a lot of BFF's who help give momma a break.

  7. WOW! That'd be fantastic. Anyways, Nice sharing!!


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