Saturday, July 24, 2010

Looking for ghost crabs...

Evenings at the beach...

Looking for ghost crabs...

Warm water...

A net...

These are the good times...

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  1. Yes, they are.

    And it doesn't end there--my 25-year old and 15-year old daughters have spent the last few hours "playing" with their new fish.

  2. They surely did! I love the photos on your kids. I wish i could hang out with boys for often :/

  3. Nets and buckets and hermit crabs. All the makings of a great day for the kids (and us).

  4. I love going to beach specially in the morning. I love the fresh air. And anyway are they not afraid of the ghost crabs? haha

  5. Oh, that's marvelous! Are you guys in Apalachicola? How's the beach these days with the oil spill? I'm so glad to see in your photos that the sand is clean, but I am still so worried for that part of the world.

    Have a wonderful time!

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