Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Russian women, beautiful Russian women just "waiting" to meet JCK?

JCK is amazed at the abundant panoply of magnificent and stupendous emails that veer off into her junk mail folder. Some of them are fabulous meet people. New friends! From Russia!

However, JCK is a bit confused. Did she sign up for some kind of...foreign exchange program? JCK likes to think of herself as friendly. Let's face it, JCK can be a bit...chatty. Even with people she has just met. So, perhaps the friendly vibe that JCK seems to emit...flies clear over to Russia. (It is to be noted that JCK does not live in Alaska where you can see Russia from your kitchen window, like a certain brunette with glasses, so the power of JCK's friendly vibe is impressive.)

Hark! Here's another one. Just dropped in. Double the pleasure. There are two. Squeal! Who is this email from? Anastasia. Anastaaaashaaa... Delicious. JCK has always LOVED that name. Mysterious. Think...Woman. Misunderstood. What does she have to say, this...Anastaaaashaaa.

Meet beautiful, adoring Russian Women today

Beautiful Russian Women are Waiting to Meet You.

*Sigh* JCK just LOVES beautiful women. She knows many. However, she doesn't have heaps of women friends who are just "waiting." In fact, JCK doesn't know innumerable women who have time to "wait" these days. JCK, herself, is quite busy. Purchasing men's midway briefs for her husband's birthday. No small task. Or, cleaning her office. Or, sending out a bazillion emails to Kindergarten parents as Parent Liaison to GIRL's class. Truthfully? JCK barely has time to breathe.

Could it be in Russia that women have time to "wait?" Perhaps they don't get all the "thrilling opportunity" emails that we get here in America? Why, we have... grocery games, discounts on ink, generic Viagra, online auctions we can trust, if we're lonely we have an app for that, or a hook up tonight, and JCK's personal favorites...emails from Big Daddy, someone named Ben, and Sgt. Irvin Brown.

Russian women, beautiful Russian women just waiting to meet JCK. OK. Truthfully? This excites JCK just a bit. Who wouldn't be excited about Russian women, beautiful Russian women, wanting to meet them?

JCK hates to hurt Anastaaaashaaa's feelings, but...JCK's life is full-up, just FULL-UP HONEY, with beautiful women. And, since JCK can still understand a smattering of French, and is bilingual in WHINE EASE spoken by small children, JCK just doesn't have time to learn Russian. Much as she would like to... Even though these Russian women are a click away, just "waiting" for JCK...

This post is dedicated to E. Happy Birthday, E!

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  1. Oh, this makes me a bit sad because there are no Russian women waiting to meet me. Maybe it's because my avocation as an international banking expert and inheritance processor keeps me so busy?

  2. It's just that you are both popular and beautiful. Everyone want to know you.

  3. Happy Birthday, E! I'm sure this post filled his head with a dozen different scenarios to get him through the long winter nights...

  4. I kind of know what you mean. According to my email, someone thinks I should get involved in a straight, conservative Christian dating service for black people.

    And of course the viagra. Which is more feasible than the other, although I'm happy to report to you, Jennifer, that I do not need viagra. Yet.

  5. I don't get email from Russian women, I get blog spam from Tiffanys!

    Seriously, does anyone think spamming actually make sales?

  6. but but, what if they really did want to meet you? your behavior does NOT foster good international relations

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