Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy 6th birthday, GIRL!

Dearest GIRL,

Today is your 6th birthday. You used to love PB & J, and now your favorite is cheese with mustard. You have a scattering of delightful freckles across your nose, and your hair is light brown touched with honey. When barefoot, you almost always walk around on your toes.

You are a good friend, and a loyal one. You are not afraid to stand up for what you believe is right. Even if no one else agrees.

Recently your daddy taught you how to ride a two wheeler. I've never seen a bigger smile than the one you wear when you fly by on your bicycle. It is joyous to watch you.

Your conversation is peppered with phrases like....

It actually was not that complicated.

We've read the first four Laura Ingalls Wilder novels together. And the entire Magic Tree House series, except for the latest one.

You are working on replacing "What?!" with "Pardon Me?" I smile every time I hear you say it.

You can be mercurial at times. You get frustrated with yourself easily, and don't like others to see you make mistakes. I wish you weren't so hard on yourself, and I try to work with you on that. But...I believe you were born a perfectionist. And, there are many good things about that.

You love challenges. And, you will do it again. And again. Until you get it. Right.
I love how you say good-bye to me sometimes. You wrap your legs around me, climbing me like a tree...and give me smooches.

You are the best(!) company there is. I love our conversations. Especially when I tuck you in at night, sitting on the edge of your bed, and we talk...about the day, about what is coming up in our week. The details soothe you, preparing you for sleep.

Your giggle is the best.

I knew you would love school, but now it's as if you have an inner glow. Your thirst for knowledge, and enthusiasm, is wonderful to see. The first Saturday after school began, you forgot it wasn't a school day and were dressed in your uniform and ready to go....

I love watching you with your brother. How much fun you have together. Your fights are more frequent now, but never last long. You can definitely hold your own.

I can do it myself! I am a BIG GIRL, mommy.

Yes, my little schnooks, you are a big girl.

I will sign off with what we always say to each other....I love you more than the moon and the stars. More than the universe... and green beans, and water slides, and buffalos, and ... blueberry muffins...

I am so blessed to have you as my daughter. So blessed...



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  1. It hardly seems possible! Much love to you both from Wendy.

  2. You just made me hunger...HUNGER...for reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder books with my daughter when she is older. Happy birthday to you both.

  3. Happy Birthday GIRL!

    "It actually was not that complicated" may be my new favorite phrase.

  4. Smiling a happy smile for you and your Girl. She sounds amazing, like her mom!


  5. Well, that letter was nice enough I think I"ll just replace your daughter's name with mine and give it to her this year.

  6. I think you two deserve each other! Happy Birthday to both of you.

  7. Lovely, just lovely, thank you.

    Happy Birthday GIRL!

    Boliath xx

  8. Fabulous!!! And I believe it just keeps getting better.

    My 3rd daughter turns 6 in March and I sooooo hope she will love learning.

    You are truly blessed!

  9. What a lovely portrait you portray of her! A smart, funny, wonderful girl. Happy birthday!


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