Wednesday, March 9, 2011

letting go of winter's clutch

The flirtation of Spring is around the corner. Whether in a wink, or the discovery of a flower submerged.

Shifting our focus outside, we embrace cold water on a sunny day.

The exhilaration of moving our bodies in nature...

The letting go of winter's clutch and inward musings...

while pausing to savor the taste of Spring...

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  1. Do you know how glad I am that you decided to start showing pictures of your kids? They are just beautiful! I am SO ready for Spring this year, honestly more so than most other years. Unfortunately, it hasn't made an appearance where I'm at yet.

  2. Jen must really like you because she didn't laugh at your idea of "winter's clutches!" Now that I've seen it firsthand myself, I know how spoiled we are.

    It is fun to see pics of the kids!

  3. Did they really wear bathing suits?

    I am so jelus.

  4. Sweet!! It is spring, isn't it!

  5. Beautiful, Jennifer...them and the words. Ahhhhh.

  6. Looking forward to the time chnage this weekend and warm evenings on the horizon!


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