Sunday, March 6, 2011

She'd need a lot of moisturizer just to make it through breakfast

If there is one thing that JCK wishes she had more of... it would be sleep. A commodity that never seems to be obtained at Casa de Motherscribe. Sleep is one of the keys to longevity, youthful appearance and ...patience. JCK strives for all, but sometimes falls short.

JCK can occasionally get away with Feigned Alertness, when her son sits in her lap reading to her from his LEGO magazine...the adventures of Fire Face - or some such. All JCK can remember is that it was clearly a tyrannical, metallic, lunatic creature that appeared to be drooling fire. BOY read 8 pages to JCK, while she tried not to drool herself... as she dozed.

But, there are times when taking a cat nap on the couch is not an option.

BOY: Mom, can you have a baby when you are 99?

JCK: Nope.

BOY: Why?

JCK: Because women's bodies reach a point where they can't get pregnant anymore.

BOY: Well lizards can! And, they can live to 160!

JCK didn't pause to get her fact checker. Instead she pondered the life of the female lizard. And, JCK was glad to be human. Because if JCK lived to 160? She'd need a lot of moisturizer just to make it through breakfast. Let alone a frolic in the sand with a centurion lizard...

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  1. Oh dear... I'm glad to be human too!

  2. I need and love my 8 hours of sleep, and have no problem going to bed soon after the kids are asleep...even if the house is a mess. Is that bad? (but I still have wrinkles)

  3. You crack me up - I had the mental image of myself at 160, pouring moisturizer on myself. It wasn't pretty, but it did make me laugh, so thanks!

  4. OMG. Talk about no rest for the weary.

  5. I attribute my generally positive outlook to 8 hours a night--no matter what. As the saying goes, "If Mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy." And this Mama needs sleep to be happy.

  6. I sometimes feel like a lizard in the winter...such dry skin!

  7. What a funny, delightful post. I'm sending moisturizer in bulk.


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