Monday, May 23, 2011

I could never have dreamed you

My Darling Daughter,

Thank you for sharing the weekend with me. I treasure the time we spent together, just the two of us. I am so blessed to have a little girl like you. You are easy to be with, and I love it when we get silly. I do recognize that you are your own person, but isn't it fun how much in common we share?! We are list makers, you and I. The charge we get from writing and checking off our lists is a little scary...

You have such an innate curiosity about life, and I love exploring ideas with you. I was bowled over when we were talking about how some people home school their children, and you said if you were home schooled your first project would be to study Laura Ingalls Wilder. We had so much fun reading the series together this last year, didn't we?

Unlike your mama at 6, you are not boy crazy. Your life is so full of other things. You are very different than me in that way, and I wish for you smoother travels of the heart.

You have already explored the idea of a few careers. In preschool you wanted to be a pediatrician. Now you "know" that you want to be a Kindergarten teacher. If that is your path, I have no doubt you will be a great teacher. You have lots of time to decide, and it will be exciting to see what you choose someday.

Your notes and drawings are everywhere. I cherish them. You are free with expressing your love for me, your daddy and your brother. We are lucky to have your love.

I admire how physically strong you are becoming. I think it is important for you to know that you are strong in many ways.

You used to be attached to my hip or leg or lap at all times, whenever we ventured somewhere. Now, you risk little jaunts on your own - taking the escalator while I take the elevator, running ahead and waiting for me. You greet my approach with a huge smile; the confidence becomes you.

I remember I asked you if you remembered the song that I used to sing to you when you were tiny. The Precious Girl song, my made-up lyrics, that go to the tune of The Yellow Submarine by the Beatles? I sung it for you and you nodded your head, a smile tucked into your cheeks, cuddling with me on the couch.

Perhaps what I love most is your patience with your brother. You help him in so many ways. And, he adores you. You both are very different individuals, yet you recognize in each other a kindred spirit. I hope you share that connection always.

I could never have dreamed you.

Please, can we have more weekends together? Meanwhile let's write some more lists and check things off...



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  1. Really really sweet post J! :')

  2. Sigh. LOVE this! How she will enjoy reading this when she is older.

  3. Your daughter will cherish this post for the rest of her life. What a gift to give her....

    xxoo L

  4. You are so lucky to have a girl like her.

    I too have a girl like that and even now, at 16, we have our giggles and cuddles.

  5. What a wonderful love letter to GIRL! I'm sure she will cherish it her whole life long.


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