Friday, May 13, 2011

the things you worry about the most, end up being nothing at all

JCK wonders how she has come to this. Nirvana achieved. Five o'clock known around her back yard as Jack O'clock, dinner with friends, in bed attired in silk pajamas at 9:05pm. Years ago would have been deemed appalling. Now? Heavenly...close to room service. Life has changed. Indeed.

JCK's children, who should be worn out from hours of pogo sticking, laser gun fights, soccer/kickball and inhaling numerous substances called hot dogs, chips and yogurt,and multiple triangles of watermelon are still...chatting. Indeed, sadly, JCK is readier for sleep than they.

All is good with the world for the moment. JCK's son sailed above and beyond the blood draw, distracted by the idea of Super Hero numbing ointment, an over sized lolly, and Asterix. Of course, JCK was proud of him, but most importantly he was proud of himself.

Sometimes, the things you worry about the most, end up being nothing at all. Parenting is never a known entity. As in life, it is full of unknowns and curve balls. JCK often finds herself fully in the game, garbed in protective catcher's gear. But, there are those times, when she doesn't need the body armor, and she is surprised...

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  1. With children, I have found that the majority of things go the opposite of the way I expect them to! So glad it went well!

  2. that sounds like the perfect evening to me.

    i love when the scary things we worry about turn out fine. and i'm so happy that is the case more than it isn't.

  3. It's so nice to be able to breathe that sigh of relief!

  4. Oh, this is gorgeous. Wishing you many, many days that are so sweet that silk stands in for armor.

  5. What would life be without those wonderful surprises. So glad to hear the blood draw went better than expected. Yay.

  6. So true. Lovely lovely lovely. I live for those moments.


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