Saturday, July 16, 2011

Twitter gets last laugh on JCK

An Ode to Twitter

It was a losing proposition,
a fruitless quest,
the idea of avoiding
this Twitter Fest.

All along she took pride
in the written word,
but now she scuttles
and coughs out curds.

When it's all said and done,
and done some more,
it really doesn't matter
what it's all for.

Whether the prose is lilting
or full of wind,
the words go forth
and she has sinned.

She does know better
than to never, say never
So, Aye to Twitter
and best not be bitter.

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  1. I have succumbed to the pressure as well! Next thing you know, we'll be buying i-phones! :) I just hope I can figure out Twitter before something new comes out.

  2. true. Much like exercise, Twitter is that thing we must do but don't necessarily relish. After being bombarded by media/promotion/marketing folks who remain convinced that Twitter is as essential as air, I drank the Kool Aid. Loads of useless fun at times and, yes, I'm vigilant about posting new blogs, retweeting as decorum suggests, commenting and replying enough to not be too self-focused, but still...I just don't get what all the fuss is about.

    Unlike Facebook where threads are visible and easy to join, It seems to me very few people are actually paying much attention to anyone else -- unless, of course, that "anyone else" is Cher or Judd Apatow! Lots of juggling, though, to be the funniest, most relevant, grossest, most controversial (ah, those comedians!); I swear, there are people who must be on there every minute of the's crazy!! We ever-so-abundant unknowns do get retweeted and/or "mentioned" by our friends from time to time, but really, who else is all that excited, even when we're really smart and pithy in our 140 characters??

    As time goes on I do see a few "followers" joining my little circle but,'s like that jump rope game where you have to time your jump so you don't screw up the rhythm or trip over the rope. Get it wrong and you're greeted with the resounding thud of...well, no worries, no one's paying that much attention anyway! :)

    Jump in, Jennifer, the water may be crowded but it's just fine! And I promise, I'll make note of what you have to say...! :)

  3. Think of it as the haiku of prose. Looking forward to seeing you there!


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