Sunday, March 25, 2012

the blessing of a rainy day...

A couple of weeks ago, on a Saturday, it poured - the rain coming down in sheets. Baseball was canceled, and we had no afternoon events scheduled. BOY & GIRL played in their pajamas all day, building a fort in the living room out of couch cushions, blankets and pillows. Having recently acquired a stack of play money, they called it The Big Bucks Bank. Amazing how children figure out who has the money...

Later, I was coerced into dealing with The Big Bucks Bank and two very cute Tellers. The teller window was crafted out of an overturned laundry basket, with BOY within its plastic contours. My job was to approach the teller window and withdraw funds. As is the way with children, we did this over and over and over again... I slipped my flattened, paper airplane paycheck through the slot of the laundry basket teller window. BOY would then address the other teller, GIRL, who being the true banker, would count each amount out in 5's, 10's and 20's.

We played for a while, stopping for lunch, then each went to our own corners for an hour of quiet time. After E.K. was home and an early dinner, we all watched a movie together. It was the best day I've had in weeks.

I've thought about that day since - and find myself gabbing about it to anyone who will listen. As if I need witnesses to some kind of testimony of a very real, personal rapture..."I stopped moving and going and DOing." "I just stopped." I have the need to say it aloud.

We all need more of that-kind-of-day, when we aren't ruled by schedules and worn-out by obligations. It is those days that replenish us, that we remember and hold on to - that we reflect back on and breathe into. The trick is to declare "a day off" on our own - when it is not imposed upon us. To just STOP...because, we can. And, not be dependent on the blessing of a rainy day...

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  1. I sometime wish I'd allowed a few more pajama days--they are magical.

    You are making me remember when I let SB stay home with Danger Boy on his 7th birthday. It was a lovely day.

  2. Have you read the book "Simplicity Parenting"? It talks a lot about this kind of day, and how we all need more unscheduled time in our lives.

    Hope you get to have another one of these days soon!

  3. My job was to approach the teller window and withdraw funds...over and over and over again

    Little did they know they were crafting my fantasy. Unlimited funds to withdraw!

  4. Hi Jennifer, Erin (formerly of ASC) here. We've started doing this on a regular basis. The kids have piano lessons at our house on Saturday mornings, so we get up, M makes pancakes or waffles, we do piano, and then we spend the rest of the day at home doing whatever comes to mind that day. We end the day with dinner in front of a movie. I don't know why we haven't always done that—I guess bc in LA the weather was so lovely it always seemed a shame not to be outside—but it's really such a relief to not have to do anything once a week. Okay, I do do 3 loads of laundry that day also, but, you know... Anyway, just found your blog and your HuffPo articles and look forward to keeping up with your thoughts.


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