Friday, March 9, 2012

Romance is my mortal enemy

Discussion around the dinner table with young children always gives us an opportunity to look at things differently. Take BOY for example. We were discussing a new TV show that he gets to stay up and watch on Wednesday nights, if he's having a good week. It's called, LEGO Ninjago.

JCK: It really is pretty cute, E.K., you should check it out sometime.

E.K.: So, you said.

BOY- looking at his parents askance after the word "cute" was launched into the discussion of "his TV show."

BOY: It's a really great show...............except for the ROMANCE.

E.K.: Not too much into the romance, are you? That will change.

BOY: Dad! Mom! Don't you KNOW this?! Romance is my MORTAL ENEMY!


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