Monday, February 23, 2009

JCK felt a bit like an alien in Utah.

JCK has been away for several days and didn't have an opportunity to blog. Perhaps you've noticed? JCK went to Utah to meet her sister, and visit her nephew who is at a boarding school there. She did get to streeetch herself a bit. Doing things JCK doesn't normally do....

Instead of watching the feeding habits of her young scamps, BOY & GIRL, JCK was able to observe large BISON eating. Very little difference, although she believes the BISON have better manners. She ate meals in restaurants, instead of standing in the kitchen. JCK went to a movie. It was called, He's Just NOT That Into You. JCK was just NOT into that movie overall, but it was fun to laugh and occasionally FLUFF is good for you. JCK went rollerskating. Yes. She did. JCK was the OLDEST one circling on wheels. She only fell once. Not while she was moving, but while talking to her sister they clutched each other and toppled over. JCK has intimate knowledge now of why skating is for the young. Falling can only have one result. PAIN. JCK also participated in Mini Bowling and SKEE BALL. JCK kicks ass. Even if it doesn't show up in the score.

JCK felt a bit like an alien in Utah. Although a great admirer of BIG HAIR, and a past participant in the fine art of BIG HAIR management, the manes in UTAH take BIG HAIR to another level. Look out New Jersey, Texas, and the entire've got some mean competition. JCK can make this snide remark as she lived in Atlanta for several years and was a BIG HAIR maven.

JCK missed her children terribly. Hearing their little voices over the phone line was difficult, and created an ache in her heart. She was gone 4 nights. JCK is exhausted.

BOY is determined to seek revenge on JCK leaving. Upon her arrival home yesterday, BOY refused to hug her. At first. Then after some discussion it was determined that BOY was MAD at JCK for leaving. GIRL adhered to JCK like a baby monkey.

E was husband/father extraordinaire. Did JCK mention that BOY had a high fever the morning that JCK left? Or that BOY threw up in the car on the way home from the airport? Poor BOY. Poor E.

JCK arrived home and the house was cleaner and neater than when she left. A few clothes had a new red tint, but if your husband does the laundry while you are gone, everything looks rosy. E also commissioned a banner for JCK. She will be doing something wonderful for E later in the week. It probably will not require paper and magic markers. Although there could be body paint...

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  1. I wondered what you were up to. Welcome home!

  2. If you came home to a cleaner house, you are one of the luckiest wives in America! Pink clothes or not ;)

    Glad you had a good trip :)

  3. How funny to go away without your kids and do kid things. I'm glad you had fun. Saw the movie also and wasn't that into it either.

  4. 'but if your husband does the laundry while you are gone, everything looks rosy'

    So charming. Welcome home, roller derby queen.

  5. Glad you had fun and glad you're back!

  6. And fishnets? You'll wear the fishnets?

    It's tough for mom to go away for the first real stretch. Hope they forgive you quickly.

    Missed you - glad youre back!

  7. I know what you mean about missing the kids--6 days is my limit and my youngest is 14!

  8. Oooo... that feeling of enjoyment yet pain all at the same time when you are away...I can understand. Did you cry when you hear them over the phone, or when 'they' rejected you like never before when you came back for them? I did, used to...

    but well, you are back and guessed boy's fever is gone too... so everything will be back to normal eh?

    how cool, body painting?! A 'souvenir' from Utah?

  9. Great post! Thanks for sharing. My older daughter went away for the weekend, leaving her 11-month-old son with his daddy for the first time. My son-in-law did a great job and enjoyed having time to spend with the baby but said he also was starting to feel isolated and lonely as the weekend wore on and the only person he was spending time with couldn't talk! The house was clean when my daughter got back -- no "pink" laundry, though, because of course he hadn't done any. Oh, well.

  10. It's great to get away sometimes. Whenever I go away and then come back to my children the thing that always strikes me first is how little their voices are - how high-pitched and young.

    Funny about the skating. As a child I always loved ice skating. I visit my mother about three times a year and each time she arranged for us to go ice skating. She hasn't realised I might be getting a little ancient for it. It's nice in a way - I love it still - but I am petrified of falling.

  11. I loved the entire last paragraph! Thanks for the laugh, and welcome home.

  12. Sound like a good time to me, and totally worth a few pink outfits!

  13. The only time I've ever been away for more than a night was for my sister's little boy's funeral. My friends all chipped in to make sure Hubby and the boys had enough to eat, but they got so sick I had to come home early.

    It surprised me how painful it was to be away. Maybe it's just a wonderful confirmation that I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing, what I'm called to.

    I'm glad you made it home safely and hope your little guy is feeling better.

    Welcome back. - Julia

  14. Sounds like the trip to Utah was a chance to experience the "new", if for a little while and then return to home-sweet-home refreshed for the days away. Very nice.

  15. Of course we noticed. At least yours decided to be sick while you were gone. Mine waited till I got home. Then gave it to me (this was last May - I've never left since).
    I had some BIG HAIR back in the day myself. Way too high maintenance.
    My kids are watching part 2 in "Niebelungenlied: Die Valkyrie." They picked it out and I told them what it was, and they're sitting still and watching it.

  16. You have just nailed the source of my perpetual anxiety -- former NJ girl and current Texan, I have the antithesis of big hair. Sigh.

    Glad you had fun in Utah with your sis and the big hairs!


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