Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We close one door and open another...

On Monday was BOY's last day at the preschool. On Friday, the teacher told the children that BOY would be going to a new school. Then she had each one of them draw a picture of their own design, and the teacher wrote what each child wanted to say to BOY. On Monday, during circle time, she gave BOY a bound book with drawings from his friends. It was so sweet. There were various messages from his friends:

I will miss you. You were a good friend.
I like playing castle with you.
I hope you like your new school and make a friend.

I will miss my friend, BOY.

I like playing dog with you.

On the cover of the book was the class picture and a special good-bye message from his teachers. His teachers and the Director have been phenomenal. The lunch bunch kids also made a good-bye banner for him. It was a bittersweet day. He is a large presence there. He will be missed...

GIRL is having a lot of sadness over him not going to the same school anymore. She spent a lot of time in my lap today. She is declaring that she, also, wants to leave the preschool and go to BOY's new school. I know that this is temporary, and that she truly loves her days at the preschool, but it will be an adjustment for her. Once she gets the new routine down, she'll be fine. It is a joy to see the huge growth in her confidence over the last few months. She is flourishing.

Yesterday we visited BOY's new school as a family. We wanted BOY to get a chance to meet his teachers, and to see his new classroom. We entered the classroom, and with no hesitation, BOY immediately walked over to the train table and started engaging in conversation with a couple of boys. E and I just looked at each other and smiled. GIRL enjoyed seeing his classroom and chatted up one of the teachers. His lead teacher picked out a little boy to show BOY around the outside play area. He was darling, demonstrating to BOY the various things to play with.

Today was BOY's first day at the new school. He will be able to ride a bus to school, and about all he cares about. Of course! How cool is it to get to ride a bus when you're 5?! Since it was his very first day, I wanted to take him to school myself, and pick him up, but tomorrow he rides the bus.

He said he was nervous this morning, and I was glad he was able to talk about his feelings. Yet, as soon as we approached the school, and he saw his teacher with a few children who had just gotten off the bus, he shouted a greeting and couldn't get over to them fast enough. He went up to the little boy who had befriended him and put his hands on his shoulders, looking into his eyes. I'm not sure what BOY said, but the other little guy smiled. He then lined right up, holding hands, and walked away from me into the school. My eyes filled with tears. Happy ones.

When I picked him up, his teachers said he had had a great day:

He painted with Q-tips.
He did shaving cream.
He played with trains.
He ate all of his hot lunch.
He had a private OT (Occupational Therapy) session on fine motor skills.


He hugged all of his new friends.

Now THAT is my BOY. We close one door and open another...

****"Leaving the world for a while" painting by Chuck Gumpert.

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  1. Glad to hear it is going so well.

    He'll be fine (and so will you).

  2. He already has the attitude it takes to be happy in this world--a real zest for life and adventure.

  3. Hurray for Boy! It sounds like he's going to do great.

  4. My eyes were filled with happy tears too after reading this post. I'm so proud of BOY and so happy for your family!

    J&E's Mommy

  5. I'm so glad for BOY! And for you, since this was such a source of worry for you. What a great first day he had!

  6. Sounds like he will do great there! If only it were that easy to make friends at our age!

  7. Even us adults have a tough time with transitions! Good for him for handling change with grace.

  8. what a wonderful transition. you are doing it right...

  9. Wonderful! I'm so happy for your family, and send more good thoughts for the continued transition.

    Bus?! I'm glad BOY is so excited about it, but I would have trouble with that big, grown-up step! My kids' school doesn't have buses, so I don't have to worry about that. I walk my kids up to their classroom door! Overprotective much? :-)

  10. I hope everything that follows goes as smoothly. Good luck.

  11. Very glad to hear this for BOY. I pray this school and this decision will be an answer and relief to all of you.


  12. It sounds like he is THRIVING. That saying is one of my Mom's most frequently used pieces of advice, so naturally, I agree!

  13. There is no day like a first day...

    I am so glad it went well. There's no way of knowing how a transition will go. I'm so grateful he had a loving sendoff from his old friends to send him on his way to meet new ones.

    Here's hoping there are many more good days ahead.

    - Julia

  14. So glad to hear the transition went smoothly for him. So glad for your family.

    Will he and Girl be going to the same school next year?

  15. Oh, I am so, so glad! He's in the right place!

  16. Oh, sweet relief! And big hugs for GIRL who misses her BOY.

  17. I'm so happy that he made the adjustment so well. And his former teachers are wonderful - what a lovely idea for a remembrance.

  18. What an awesome beginning!


  19. Oh, it sounds like he will fit right in. He is clearly a person who enjoys new scenes, enjoys new people. I think this will be a good move for him. How nice he leaves at his other school people who care about him.

  20. YAY, BOY!!!
    Glad all is going smoothly.

  21. BOY is growing so fast it makes me teary! I am so proud of him. AND YOU - look how far he has come.

  22. Awesome! I'm so glad he liked it!


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