Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Motherscribe is looking for the male perspective...ladies, questions you'd like to ask?

If we are to understand the full complexity of what feminism and gender roles mean to our culture at large, it is important to get the male perspective. Perhaps delve into what it means to be a man. Here. Today. What the objectification of girls and women is doing to the males in our lives. And does our society encourage men to be both violent and predatory?

Motherscribe is looking for the male perspective. If you're male and interested in being interviewed, please leave a message in the comments.

Ahem....this does not mean that women cannot comment, too. Ladies? Thoughts on the male perspective? Questions you'd like to ask?

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  1. Now that the world put on all the biology is divided into male and female gender, then there is the opinion of male and female point of view, but very little in common between the two, so there will be conflicts.
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  2. You must talk to my ex-writing partner, Herb.


    Tell him Frazer sent you.

  3. I've been waiting for this. Here I am!

  4. Augh! I haven't answered my questions yet! I really need that hour back from Daylight Savings time.

  5. I'm thinking on a post to help you troll for male respondents. You ask for male readers but are you interested in male friends/spouses/coworkers of your readers?

  6. Feel free to ask away. I think I have a pretty unique take on it. ;)


  7. I'm game if you are still playing, although I may regret it later. :) But seriously, I would be honored to help out.


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