Monday, June 15, 2009

The Bounce House Buff

It appears that nudity is all the rage in Southern California with the 4-6 year old set. California, always a trend setter, has a new fad. Nudity in the JUMPY. What is a JUMPY? For those not in the know, JUMPYS (or bounce houses) are like a rubber proof room for kids. Heavily padded, JUMPYS provide easy entertainment for young children's developing brains, and a break for all those parents whose brains are on the decline. Kids are encouraged to JUMP, JUMP, JUMP expending all that added energy they acquire after freebasing sugar during birthday parties.

Just ask JCK, a vibrant beleaguered mother who lives in a small foothill community just north of Pasadena, CA.

Oh, YES, my BOY loves to jump around nude in a bounce house. Just yesterday he dropped trou amongst a friendly crowd of 40, showing off "the bouncy penis jump." We call it the Bounce House Buff. The 5 year olds were enthralled!

Parents, this exciting trend could be coming to a town near you! Because when the rubber hits the road...what sounds like more fun than a Bounce House Buff?

NOTE: BOY was not available for interviews. He was too busy umm... stripping bouncing.

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  1. ittakeswhatittakesJune 15, 2009 at 11:10 AM

    Sounds like something Elias would love to do as fact last time Elias was in a bounce hose I believe he was this!

  2. Our neighbor girl, who is now 16 and fully-clothed at all times, was not content to be naked herself. She needed company and lots of it. She was a very persuasive girl. In these parts 1996 is referred as "The Naked Summer."

  3. I was afraid you were going to say that you liked to get in there and bounce naked.

    I'm thinking it sounds like more fun than it would actually turn out to be, and it would probably result in some sort of horrible injury if I tried it.

  4. Somebody has to be the life of the party, and apparently YOU weren't volunteering this time around.

  5. As long as he isn't doing it when he's 15, I think you're OK.

  6. I hope no bits were harmed in the making of this blog post....

  7. why did i always think you lived further south? hmm... anyhow...

    naked in a rubber room. i just will try not to think too much about that.

  8. Oh my boys would be so on board for this! Jumpy plus nudity: it doesn't get any better.

    On a related note, I can't thank you enough for this PSA. I was beginning to doubt my sanity resulting from the number of times I have to tell them to PULL. THEIR. PANTS. UP! They are proud of their little bums and will show them off at the drop of a hat (or belt).

  9. That is just too cute! It's funny, my daughter never did the naked thing. One more thing to be thankful for.

  10. Trust me, as the mother of 2 boys, he is not the first to discover his bits are, indeed, jiggly.

    .. but as for sharing the bits with 40 of his closest buds??

    There your guy is a trailblazer.

    :D - Julia at Midwest Moms

  11. These kids just love these giant inflatables, don't they? If only I weren't so big and so grown-up, I wouldn't have second thoughts jumping right in with them. We didn't have this when we were younger, so I always had to bit my lips and fight the urge to play with the kids in these bounce houses.

  12. These are really a lot of fun! Give it a try!


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