Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I am so exhausted, it is like slogging through thick water. It is all I can do not to crawl into bed with my children when I tuck them in at night. But, I can't. Much as the image delights. I have too much left on the plate. It is these big parenting decisions that drain me. I sail valiantly, managing to navigate through during the day, but come evening my energy is long gone.

So, here I sit to write and I am just too bloody tired to do it. Those lovely little phrases that fly through my brain during the day...those fleeting gems? Go to sleep at night.

Much as I can be the Drama Queen, sometimes I yearn for just an ordinary time. What is that like? A time where some crisis isn't occuring. When life is just...humming along, rather than the shriek of tires on asphalt signifying another jolting change. That must be made. I know I bought a ticket on this Parenting Train, but I didn't quite understand the extent of what a one way ticket really means.

My berth is calling. And...to save my sanity...so shall I retire to the sleeping car...

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  1. Uh oh! What's going on? Nothing too serious, I hope!

  2. Hope everything is ok. Yeah, you never know where that train is going to let you off.
    Hope you have some idle time soon.

  3. The most important job in the world is bringing up children, the next generation, into the world in the hopes of making it better.

    Maybe it should be stressful or tiring simply when one considers the responsibility involved.

    Be sure you're getting the amount of sleep your body requires.

  4. Are you back in LA? Has school started yet?

    Get the rest you need, you'll feel so much better.

  5. Time to listen to Shakespeare who said, "sleep...that knits up the raveled sleeve of care". Sweet sleep.

  6. What did we ever DO WITH OUR TIME before we were parents? I must have just lolled around watching TV or something! Ah, sleeeeeeeeeeeep! I hope you get some!

  7. sleep well .. and dream of carefree days of children singing and pets sleeping and gardens growing ...

  8. I can 'feel' your tiredness through your words... I hope its just an exhaustion of the body, cos to solve that, only a uninterrupted nap of 15mins will do the trick, but if its the mind... hmmmm... its time to push that limit higher... *wink*

  9. Totally understand. I thought the baby years were tough (and they were) but 11 and 7 are wearing me out. Emotionally more than physically.


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