Friday, September 25, 2009

It is a good and healthy thing to see your husband doing what he does best

I sat and watched him on stage tonight. The man with the longish hair and mustache. I noticed every little nuance of his performance. The different beats he took within the lines. Made it seem so effortless. And, it isn't. I smiled, seeing him having so much fun up there. Bringing to life a character from the south who no longer exists.

I am in awe of his direction. Of tackling this theater piece. And, of how well it delivered. He is so very talented. My husband.

It is a good and healthy thing to see your husband doing what he does best. The fire in his belly came out and touched us all tonight. And I sit here basking in the afterglow...

Congratulations, E!

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to your talented husband. I sense the good feelings right down to those feet of love!

  2. I get that same feeling when Andy talks about patent law...

    I kid! It's important to still be so attracted to your husband after all this time.

  3. Well now, I see 2 pairs of feet under the covers. You call it Love. So, lucky you with that husband...

  4. How wonderful that he takes the time to indulge his passion and you support him so wholeheartedly.

  5. I love the genuine giddy love in this post.


  6. It's awesome you are so proud of him! I agree that one can "hear" the giddyness in this post!

  7. I LOVE watching my hubby doing what he loves. IT's invigorating!

  8. So great he had this opportunity!!! Did he get good reviews?

  9. He is lucky to have a supportive and appreciative wife. It's rarer than you would believe... so many of us won't let our mates love something that we aren't involved in.

  10. I love this. I hope to have that someday...

  11. You are absolutely right! Kind of helps you remember why you married him in the first place, right?

  12. I had such moments before too...
    You feel your heart racing again, because you feel like you have fallen for him, yet in a split second you realised HE IS YOURS to keep!! *wink* And the sense of pride glows from every part of your face ya???
    is that the feeling? is it???

    Congratulations, E!!!!

  13. That's a lovely and touching post! Sounds like a talented man and it is certanly something special to find something that you love and enjoy (even when that something is your husband!)


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